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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by et2qt, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Hi, I'm a noob at bear with me. I formatted my drive and it now has two partitions, one WBFS and one FAT. I have apps/USBloader in the SD card with no config.txt inside. I have the same apps/USBloader with the same files in the FAT partition; there's also a usb-loader folder in the root of that partition. The config.txt file in the usb-loader folder contains:

    # USBLoader config
    # lines starting with # are comments
    # see README-CFG.txt for help on options

    # theme
    theme = BlueMatrix

    # gui
    gui = start
    gui_transition = fade
    gui_style = flow
    gui_rows = 2

    # device
    device = usb

    partition = wbfs1
    hide_hddinfo = 0

    I am able to load the games using CFG loader but none of my covers work. I downloaded them from WiiTDB and placed them in the usb-loader/covers/full director. For example, I have the NEW Super mario Bro Wii cover in that folder and it's named SMNE01.png .

    I have two questions:

    1. Am I configured correctly to load the covers from my hdd instead of the sd card?
    2. Is there something I'm missing in order to have the covers show up? I checked with the WBFS manager and it seems the game code is SMNE01 which matches up.
    3. Does the name of the game have to be the same too? Like can I call it Super Mario instead of NEW Super mario Bro Wii?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can download the covers through Configurable USB Loader. Find your way to the global settings there, I think it's 1 one or two times, and there should be an option that says something along the lines of "Download all missing covers"

    I've never had a problem doing that.
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    As you are likely loading from the SD card, it will use that location as the base directory for covers (sd:/usb-loader). It will totally ignore the files on your hard drive in this case.

    Add "covers_path = usb:/usb-loader/covers" to the config.txt on the SD card to continue launching the loader from the SD but use the USB for the covers.

    Also, you are very lucky one of us saw this. You should post these sorts of questions in the Cfg thread for the best results.