need guidance to install wii preloader and usb loader

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    my current wii system is 3.2(europe)
    i was on system 3.4u when i first bought my wii.
    so i downgrade them using the following methods :

    after twilight hack
    1. Install "IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad" using Wad Managers 1.3.
    2. Install "cios_fix.wad" with modified Wad Manager IOS16.
    3. downgrade to firmware 3.2u with cIOS-Downgrader
    4. Patcht all IOS with "IOS-Downgrader"
    5. install IOS36-64-v1042.wad with wakinko rev7
    I'm using the Backup Launcher 002 fix (channel)

    and now i'm trying to install ios38 to run animal crossing, preloader and USB loader on my wii...
    i still have question regarding "Waninko's cios rev7"
    i understand it install certain ios that is needed to run backup launcher.

    1. but which ios does it install and how is it connected with the ios029 that is on the bottom of the
    backup launcher configuration screen?

    i wanted to know how to proceed correctly as i didnt want it to end up wrong.
    and i'll be installing everything via wifi
    do i need to uninstall certain ios first?
    could i skip ciosrev8 and straight away to cios rev9? or it has to be done orderly

    2. in which order do i proceed with: 1. install ios38, 2. install preloader, 3. USB Loader?
    3. to install ios38. i require wad manager 1.3 and IOS38-64-v3609.wad rite?
    does it work on pal?
    4. after installing ios38. is there any visible changes i can see, like inside the bakcup launcher confiq
    screen, instead of ios029, it changes to ios38?
    5. after installing ios38, will it effect the game compatibily? like certain game become
    unplayable instead. will i be able to play games that require to patch the game to ios029 like
    mortal kombat armageddon? if yes. with the one that has been patch to ios029 or unpatch game or
    patch to other ios instead (pls mention which ios if u know)?

    6. then install preloader
    regarding hack ini ....i'm still not quiet sure which hack to tick...i already read what each tick
    does here "" but i would be grateful if someone
    recommend me which hack is mostly preferred...

    7. from what i install usb loader
    1. Extract the usbloader.rar file into the root of your SD card.
    since i'm installing via i need to do step 2 too or skip to step 3
    2. Stick the IOS36-64-v1042.wad file into the root of the SD card
    3. Boot the Homebrew Channel, run the IOS installer
    4. Select "WAD Install", it should install automatically
    5. Reset Wii
    8. remove all .wad file

    Running USB loader:
    -Insert a USB drive into the Wii
    -Boot the homebrew channel, select USB-LOADER
    -It should ask you about formatting and choosing a partition.

    This WILL erase everything on your USB drive, so be sure to back it up. Yes, the USB drive can be converted back to normal later, it's no big deal. Windows will however, not be able to read your USB drive while it's formatted under the WBFS.( for example i have 3 partition on my hard drive and formatted one of them to WBFS, will window be able to read the other two partition)

    -Choose your partition and continue.
    -Insert the game disk (original or backup) into your Wii, and press the + button.

    so did i miss something else? and pls do tell me that with all this i'll be able to play as much game as before with backup launcher...and i'll have the option to play all the game via backup launcher or USB loader.(including animal crossing).
  2. kyo_udon

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    Jan 19, 2009
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    is there anyone that can help verify my steps?
  3. nabster92

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    Hmm well that seems like a really long and possibly overcomplicated process, but I'll see if I can answer at least some questions.

    "do i need to uninstall certain ios first?"

    NO. Unless you really know what you're doing you should never have to delete ios.

    "could i skip ciosrev8 and straight away to cios rev9? or it has to be done orderly"

    You can run any of the cios rev whatever installers and it will install that one over whatever version you have. So if you wanna upgrade from rev 7 to rev 9 then maybe try out rev 10 then decide to go back to rev don't uninstall anything, you would just run the rev9 installer then the rev 10 installer then the rev9 installer again to go back (in that hypothetical case).
    In your case just run the cios rev9 installer and you're set.

    Also once you install cios rev9 you don't need to do anything else to run the usb loader (unless you want to use a loader that requires rev10). Just run the cios rev9 installer and select network install and then you can just load the usb loader .dol from hbc and go from there with formatting/installing games to your drive.

    Regarding preloader...I think there's better and safer options now that bootmii is out. Regardless you should install bootmii now if you have a vulnerable boot1 wii (if you can only do ios install then you should probably get preloader.) But if you can do a boot2 install of bootmii then that should be even better than preloader as far as brick protection, and regarding hacks I think you can put those on without having to use preloader. I think it's called Startpatch? Look up something like that and read up on it.

    So yea my suggestion of your steps from this point:
    install bootmii to boot2 if you can and the new hbc that is with it.
    use bootmii to backup your nand in case of any bricks from this point on and store that onto your pc after it copies to your sd card(needs to be at least a 1 GB card and will need to format sd card to back up nand to it so put all your apps on your pc before doing this.)
    run cios rev9 installer -> network install.
    Run .dol of usb loader you want to use that's compatible with rev9 through hbc.
    have that format your drive to wbfs and start installing your games (or just use wbfs manager on your pc and transfer everything from there if you have the .iso's.)
    Then do whatever you wanna have Startpatch do with the hacks you want.

    After you get everything working fine you should do another nand backup through bootmii so you can restore to that working point too.

    Edit: Read stuff on startpatch myself and I think it's only for 4.0 system menus so you may not want to do that then. So I guess for your hacks it depends what hacks you want. I think starfall should also be able to do some things on 3.2, but you might as well just go with preloader I suppose. Ask someone else about the hacks though. I haven't done any of that myself so I'll not comment anymore on it. Still get bootmii first though. Preloader or anything else won't touch bootmii on boot2.
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    Jan 19, 2009
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    wow thanks alot nabster92....this sure made thinks ALOT clearer to me.i'm really glad i ask first before doin stuff..

    i've got the .elf file from their website where should i put them? on the root of my SD or inside apps folder since i already have homebrew channel.

    and about this line
    (needs to be at least a 1 GB card and will need to format sd card to back up nand to it so put all your apps on your pc before doing this.) well my sd is 2GB, and what does the underline sentence means?
  5. afif95

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    Sorry to say this, but if you don't even know how to install Bootmii or putting apps inside your SD Card, best not installing bootmii.

    Even Team Twiizers said that so best off you don't bother with installing Bootmii for the time being, until you know what are you doing is what I mean.

    And more sorry to say this, but if you can't read the stickies and then ask how to install Preloader and USB Loader, best staying away from Wii Modding [​IMG].
  6. nabster92

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    Apr 16, 2009
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    That really isn't more of reason to stay away from modding altogether, but it does mean you should read a lot more into it before actually doing anything. But regarding bootmii once you download their hackmii installer you treat it like you would any other app in hbc. Put the .elf file inside a hackmii installer folder or something in your apps folder on your sd card and change the file name of the .elf to boot.dol (boot.elf should work as well I think).

    Then run it as a normal application through your current hbc and it will open up their installer. If all three things say "success" at the first screen then you should be able to install it to boot2, otherwise don't bother continuing with it for now as it won't do you much good.

    If it does say success for all three however just click continue and then on bootmii... and install to boot2. If that succeeds also install the new hbc as well from there.

    Then exit out of everything and turn your wii off and boot it up again and the bootmii menu should come up after a bit instead of the system menu (needs a gamecube controller to navigate through or power and reset buttons on your system, power to go right reset to select).

    What I meant with that underlined line is that with bootmii you can backup your wii's nand memory so if you ever do something to brick your wii, you can still load up bootmii and use that backup to restore it to exactly how it was at that time you made that backup. When you do use it to backup your nand though it will erase everything thats on your sd card (all your apps and whatnot) so I said to copy those over to your pc before doing the backup (don't touch the bootmii folder though). Then you put the sd card back and go to the fourth option on the bootmii menu and then the first icon (has an arrow pointing to an sd card picture) That will prompt you to backup your nand to your sd card after formatting it (everything will be deleted from the card then the bootmii folder will be written back to it and then the nand.bin will start getting written to it. After thats completely finished on your sd card there will just be your bootmii folder and a 528MB or so nand.bin file. Copy that .bin file over to your pc and store that then put back whatever apps you had on the card before.

    If you successfully do all that, it will make pretty much anything else you do reversible since you can do a sort of "system restore" with that nand.bin file at any point afterwards.

    Regardless as the guy above said you shouldn't do anything until you read up on whatever you want to do as much as you can and feel completely comfortable in knowing what you are doing. So even if you do successfully do this I would suggest holding off on installing preloader for now until you really understand how everything works first.

    Also before you even do this stuff with bootmii you should read more info about it yourself as well. At the very least open the readme file that came with that hackmii installer download in some text editor and read through that.