ndsrs 2.1.0 released

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    [​IMG] ndsrs 2.1.0 released
    Some bugfixes
    Jake (author of DS Visual Novel Reader) over at digital-haze has released a new version of ndsrs. The application is a srs/flash cart (as in the language learning tool although not limited to languages) reader for the DS.


    changelog for 2.1.0

    [​IMG] Download (app homepage). Binaries are contained within the source download.

    [​IMG] Source (gbadev forum thread)
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    so this app lets you make your own language? O.o I can't tell what it is.
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    No, its a studying tool. You put info in it, and it presents it to you in a flashcard format. Each time you answer a question correctly, it gets spaced farther and farther out, so you can study a large amount of material in a small amount of time per day. You can learn more about spaced repetition here: http://ichi2.net/anki/whyreview.html
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    SRS and tools such as Anki seem really great. I know i'll get round to using something like this (SRS) sooner or later. Seems like a bit of a tedious task adding the flashcards manually in a text editor, but this homebrew looks good.