1. Zendo

    OP Zendo Advanced Member

    Apr 18, 2009
    Hey there,

    I tried to googling around for the answers, but didn't find any. Hopefully you guys could help me out a bit!

    Lately my NDSL is freezing when I'm playing games or booting up the DS Machine in 2 seconds. Do you guys know why my DS is acting like that? There wasn't any problem with it before, but suddenly it just freeze random.

    Oh, regarding about the L button. I read tons of topic you have to blow the L button, so it would work. That's true, but I'm getting really annoyed by blowing the button inside all the time if I wish to use that button. Is it hardware fail? I don't understand why I have to blow hard inside my L button to use it all the time.

    Help would be appreciated guys!
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