N3DS and 3DS perfect swap?

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    Hey, I have a N3DS and 3DS now... trades with some cash boot for my brothers N3DS... both of them are A9HL newest Synand and everything.. what exactly would be the process of literally swapping everything on the 2 where none of us lose anything, saves and what not. There are no N3DS only titles or SNES games on it so nothing like that needs to be bothered with... some help would be appreciated :) Thanks!
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    It's not possible to restore NANDs to systems other than the systems they were backed up from. I recommend backing up all of your saves from both 3DS systems with JK's Save Manager homebrew. As far as games that you have installed on each, you'll need to reinstall them. First make a list of games that you have on both systems and then proceed with re-installation on the respective systems.