Hacking N2/Amiiqo not unlocking?


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Jun 15, 2014
Okay, so after using a Z30 for a while I'm finally back on an Android phone (DTEK50) with NFC support so i can use my Amiiqo again.

The problem is, while trying to figure out while chests weren't spawning in BOTW (I have to be outdoors and there's no explanation of this) I ended up lockign my Amiiqo again, and now i can't unlock it. This is the exact same problem I has with my Moto X Play, so I can't figure out what the hell is going on.

What i do:
1. launch Amiibitz and hold Amiiqo where it beeps. after a few seconds it's recognized.
2. Press unlock then bring the Amiiqo close to the phone. Often i have to fiddle around to find a point where it beeps
3. once it beeps I try every level of pause before holding the button, and continue holding the button.

I will get these error messages, depending on how long i hold it:
"Please wait for unlocking to be completed before removing" - I ahve no moved the Amiiqo
"failed to unlock tag!" - always afterr fve or six seconds.

I'm using what I believe to be the latest version of Amiibits. is there anything else i can do? Last time I was sucessful in unlocking it by tracking dow a Galaxy i could borrow, but I might not get lucky again.

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