my wii wont turn on

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    May 13, 2015
    hi guys! so heres my story, I had 2 wii's one wasnt working, when i turned it on its screen would go black. the other, worked fine, so the wii that worked i came to the realization that it doesnt have the gamecube slots as its the blue console, and my red wii does, so i took them both apart, unscrewed everything, and when i realized i had to using a soddering iron, I gave up on the idea, I know stupid not to realize it in first place, but the situation now, when i turn my wii on, it goes to a black screen, i know it turns on because the cd drive makes the noise it usually does on boot up, I cant figure out whats going on! any help will be appreciated thanks in advanced im curious, i have reassembled the wii many many many times,,, switching parts between the red and blue console, and nothing works.. i can hear the cd drive boot up, and the power turns on but black screen...
    I also have to ask, the screws? do they magnetize in way that if i didnt use all the screws they would cause it not to work??? because I havent been using any screws as i mixed them up, (but have seen a tutorial of what each screw is) but i dont use them as i find i probably will have to make changes,
    the fan turns on the cd drive goes blue it all looks good but no picture.. I was recommended to look here for solutions thanks again!
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    Make sure the Bluetooth and Wifi modules are seated correctly. Wiis won't boot at all if those boards aren't working.