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    Hi guys, I currently have a wii that is 3-4 months old and I wanted to get the USB Loader up and running on it.
    I am not one of those noobs who is just going to be all like "omg lol!!! yoooooo help meez i want usb loader k??? how i do it?? k????"
    I read all the faq and tutorials. I am still a tad bit confused so here is what I plan on doing to get USB Loader up and running, if you could just read through what I plan on doing and tell me if my steps are correct then I would appreciate it.

    1. I was going to download the Twilight save found here: With the file titled: 3.4:
    2. Extract the zip file, stated on the previous step, to my desktop
    3. After extracting the file I should find the save file (.bin format) that corresponds to my region/disc and copy it to the SD Card.
    **** Confused on step 3. Should I copy it to the root of the SD card or in a folder that I should create? Assume that it is a completely fresh SD card, right out of the box and NEVER used anywhere.****
    4. Insert the SD card into my wii copy the saved file to my wii for a later use.
    5. Go back to the website mentioned in step 1, , and download the file titled: the_homebrew_channel-beta_8-iso-USA.tar.gz
    6. Extract "the_homebrew_channel-beta_8-iso-USA.tar.gz" to my desktop for use
    7. Copy the file entitled "boot.elf" to the root of my SD Card.
    8. Insert the SD card into my wii. Start up the wii and launch Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Load the save mentioned in step 3 and 4. Then walk backwards to start the installation process.
    **** Confused on step 8. Is the installation process automated? As in, do I have to do anything AFTER I walk backwards, or will the homebrew channel install by itself? Please explain in detail, thank you ****
    9. Now I should have the homebrew channel installed on my wii.

    Installing USB Loader is something that I still do not fully understand. Can someone please explain it in detail, I have checked your tutorial posted here:
    And am still confused. Please do not tell me to read it again as I have read it and other sites many times. I am looking for some detailed help. Thank you so much.
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