My O3DS questions.

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    Poorly stated title, but I've been reading through this forum all morning and am just utterly confused by everything.

    To start with, I've an O3DS XL (USA), downgraded to 4.5 with Gateway 3.0.1 I believe? I haven't kept up with any of this at all, in fact, I haven't even touched my 3DS since that version of Gateway was released, but now I'm looking to get back into it since a few friends have online games that they want to play.

    In the meantime, I realized a lot of my retail games save files are corrupted. If I return to 9.0, will the save files be restored? If so, how can I return to 9.0?

    And is Gateway still the best option for .cia/.3ds/.3dz files? I've noticed a slew of cfw's around, and a certain 'warez' forum mentions rxtools a lot... but their guides aren't really... helpful.

    Also, I understand the whole header thing, but I didn't see if backing up a cart to .3ds/.3dz > .cia also backs up the header. I'd love to install my copy of Smash as a .cia if it backups my header automatically.
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    To clarify CIA files have NO HEADER. Which in theory (For now) Nintendo cannot easily ban you for using a public header (Because no headers.)

    rxTools has my recommendations with CFW's so far, Gateway's only advantage for now is 3DS ROM support, rxTools has CIA and more.