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    Hey everyone.
    So after discovering that GBAtemp had a "partner" reseller i decided i would jump on the occasion and get a few pieces i always wanted without the guts to order'em on the net.
    my orders:
    - 3wing Screwdriver
    - EZflashVi (slot1)X 2 pieces
    -EZflashV (slot2)
    - Zelda DS lite Replacement case
    -the no longer available PIC OFFICIAL PS3 break

    here is a small review:

    A/ Facts

    i paid 126$ through Paypal that got converted to 100,81€ with "fast" delivery on the 14th of september.

    B/ The Waiting

    while i really never post unless i REALLY find it necessary i spend a lot of time reading everything on every single board of top notch internet flibustier's hideouts on both english and french borders, in other words i'm a g33k.
    So what had to happen occured, right after paying through paypal, i found out that the PS3break was changed in the form of its hardware from an atmel to a PIC reports even mentionning the upgrade button being a "dummy", among other things such as , the device being poor in terms of quality, not being upgradable,and so on...
    I started to become dubious and took my quill to express myself, the main reason of it was that i could see a lot of people trying to get contact with shoptemp without much success, and mods trying to defend them a bit too much for me not to feel a bitter taste in my mouth (killed half a box of TUMS and they ain't available in France so if shoptemp is willing to sell them ...)

    PS: tracking number was never available so that made me even more dubious...

    C/recieving my package

    on the 20th of september 9.30 AM, DHL was at my door to give me a package but my doorbell is plain broken, nonetheless DHL dude phoned me to notice me of his presence at the gate of the garden.
    alass my fellow reader could you believe that someone like me could be at work 50 miles from home at 0930GMT+1 ( yes i live near marseille).
    the man in the yellow suit said he would leave my package at the platform (wich is at the airport of marseille) at 1730PM (i always wanted to write time the military way!)
    at five fifteen i was there at the airport and recieved my package in exchange of a nice 14€ V.A.T tax (surpriiiiiiise!)

    D/ the package

    it was in some sealed DHL plastic bag and inside of it another DHL sealed plastic bag and inside a very small Matriochka (just kidding) back to the point : inside that second dhl plastic bag was a pretty small brown bubbled envelop that had been opened up probably by a custom service in HK/LIEPZIG/MARSEILLE (the travel of my package through the five days was finally clearly exposed to me and damned it kept freaking moving for 4 days and even had a free South of France Tour while i was at work).
    despite the fact that it had been opened all items were packed in their factory condition (except for the srew driver who was in a tiny plastic bag) , all were in near mint condition except for one easy flash Vi box that had not been correctly closed up and had one of it's tongue cornered ( the part that you flip inthe box to close it properly) but guess what guys this is the one my bro's gonna get -grins evily-
    there was not a single thing missing wich is nice.

    E/ return to the base

    Drove back home in auto pilot touching my items and calling all the geeks there was in my cell repertory to say "hey bro how's life? me? i am the happiest man on the freaking planet blahblahblahblah"adlib X4 (yes the airport is obviously not so close to my place)
    -EZ flash V slot 2 plugged on my black DS lite launched NeoDS V0.2 on a R4 VIII V1.18 a couple games:

    Shock Troopers II: S-L-O-W (unplayable unless you are willing to feel like Steve Austin but WOW on the graphics)

    Garou Mark of the Wolves: a bit slower than was the first Street Fighter II on a 50HTZ french nintendo system and 50HTZ T.V and trust me this is already super slow (unplayable mostlyif you are into 2D fighting)

    i need further tests but so far i really can't see an upgrade from when the 3in1 EZflashV is plugged or unplugged , there is nothing for me to see if the neoDS knows it is here and uses the ram, oh well i still got a lousy rumble pack and a kick ass way to play GBA games on my DS lite ( as soon as i get bored with DQIX in wich i got 237 hours /played so far i ll head for another FFVI trip from scratch, Interceptor ! kill !) haven't tested the GBA yet , only got legit cartidges (huge collection) except or my EUR FFVI Advance wich is a freaking chinese bootleg i bought "Loose" for 50€ in a "specialised Nintendo import/geek Shop" that you can find among other similar shops in Paris (France) boulevard Voltaire (if you are into videogames , japanese stuff , freaking rare stuff that will pop your brain out by the sight of it ... i highly recommend you this place : Paris France, Boulevard Voltaire (the guy who did Candide) Métro station : République.)

    -EZ flash Vi are just as i expected , perfect condition and a very very nice pen that goes perfectly well in a DS lite.
    haven't bought a micro SD for it , cant use the one on my camera i use it at work everyday, can't remove the one from my R4, can't remove the one from my wii, but i launched them and got a nice blue wall paper saying "hey silly, why don't you go and buy a micro SD?" (words are not accurate)

    - the screw driver screws and drives ...

    - well the Zelda replacement case: took like few tutrorials at the same times , videos and stuff and removed the hardware of my white DS lite from it's original case, damned that was already prett freaking hard.
    i worked very hard and very patiently on setting it back into the golden case but to be honnest it did not work out well at all.
    i have no regrets , the main reason why i did it was because the L button of that system was damaged in a way when it would only work once if one would press it a hundred times like a mad man.
    so i don't know if it is because it took me like 5 hours before i really started to know what i was doing, damaging small parts of the golden case but it never really fitted together in a way that the screws (as the metal pieces you screw using a screw driver this word may not be accurate) are to big for their holes and it just seems as if it was built by a blind man during an earthquake.
    so i ended up reuisng the white original case with Golden ABXY start SELECT L/R everything fitted just FINE but again it was like 6 hours laters and i actually knew what i was doing for real with each cord at the right place and screws fitting in their hole.
    everything seems to work just fine except that i must have replaced the laptop locking device in an upside down position so the closing and opening of the system is pretty floppy( points out at myself in true shame ) , i haven't tested out the L button YET (lol) and there is one SMALL problem : the touch screen is not responding to the pen( or any other intimate parts i tried )
    any advice on this is welcome but i highly doubt anyone will read up to that point....
    so i kinda ruined small parts personnaly and the factory of the case was not as "perfect" as the nintendo one but i did get the spare spring i needed along with a LOT of levels acquired in exploring the inside of a DSlite and putting it back together almost correctly.

    -the PS3 break
    well after more and more reading here are my conclusions: they changed from an atmel to a pic without noticing anyone,websites that have sold it being upgradable "softly" could refuse to reimburse but i really think that they should not if they want a clean reputation and stay out of troubles.
    nonetheless shoptemp did NOT sell a FAKE ps3break and the truth inquiry on their website is the proof of it.
    it is also shown that there are pic clones of the pic original who is a revamp of the atmel original first edition that was the only one with a proper upgrade "easy as 1-2-3 just like instant fisherman" device, but shoptemp did not send one like this to me ( i got pink siliconne, and so on) i am just pretty upset of myself for ordering it too late not to get an ATMEL and too soon to find out i should wait a bit more and see how it goes, as today my choice would go for the wiikey version of the jailbreaker.
    my conclusion is that seing how the psp hack scene has developped among the years i do believe that we are more headed toward a CFW exploitation of the system rather than seing each new sonny update get haXed in days ( unlike Nintendo ).
    So even if i was dubious for a time i end up satisfied with this PS3Break for the price it cost me, knowing that a french official seller will ask 50€ just for the PS3break.

    F/ conclusion

    i paid a total of 114€ for 6 items : -screw driver-ezflashV-ezflashvix2-ZeldaDSliteRC-PS3break.
    ordered on the 14 of september according to paypal recieved on the 20 of september in south of france via germany.
    in terms of service i cannot say anything else but PERFECT (tracking numbers did not work but maybe the link i recieved is for USDHL and can't track a package sent to EUROPE) so to people wondering how fast is it the answer is simple : it is faster than it takes my bank to know i bought this ( no track of the payment to paypal on my bank account yet)
    it is faster than it is taking to nintendo france to send me my club nintendo supernintendo controller for wii that i bought for 7000 stars ( 1400€ worth in terms of Wii games ).
    it is faster than the internet dhl DATABASE itemtracking as it was there even before the net knew it.
    the price applied by shoptemp make any european online shop seem like COMPLETE THIEVES ( as far as a french man can say )

    G/ sorry Mr Costello.

    you guys did the right thing, removing an item that does nto match its description is a wise choice when it's HOT like a PS3 jailbreaker, when on another hand you never got such problems with DSTwo that does not do what it's said to be able to do.
    no official review is the only mistake i can see, people usualy want to know what they buy and you guys are the most famous for delivering this kind of info.
    as i said on my first topic a shop affiliated to gbatemp cannot say "our knowledge,your needs" and pretend "they did not know" but as long as they are refunding people they are all good with the situation.
    i think people shoud KEEP their official PIC PS3break as it was pretty cheap and still does the job on certain condition and it's better than nothing, i will of course keep mine. ( haven't tested it either , haven't turned the power on my pS3 for months )
    my concern is that my first post came right before the board was locked and i feel a bit guilty cause for my case i would rate shoptemp 19/20 on my first experience, so i would officially want to say i am sorry to Mr.Costello and ANYONE from GBAtemp/shoptemp to whom i have caused problems YOU GUYS ARE DOING A GOOD JOB !

    PS: i am a really happy costumer, i'd gladly take info on why my touch screen doesn't feel the touch or any tis on how to run NEOGEO emulator with a decent speed.
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    lol that was a long post.
    for the delivery problem, the number for european DHL parcels is the reference number, with the link it should have worked...
    if it didnt work, then asking the customer support would have worked too.
    and wow, too bad about the VAT tax. I suppose France has reinforced their customs policies... it's a risk with fast shiping.
    thanks for the feedback anyway, i'll have it forwarded to the shoptemp team, perhaps they'll learn from it.
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    Nice that things are working well for you

    Cheers! [​IMG]