My DAD Messed up...

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Dead End, Jul 16, 2009.

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    Me and my Dad where hacking our wii for soft mii, backup loader,ect. and my dad put too many ios files on the wii that where unneeded so my dad wanted to start over on every thing we put on there, off... we took all the custom channels off exept homebrew so we can delete all the ios files that we installed... he accidentaly deleted ALL the channels off of the wii (exept Disc channel) after I looked up what needed to be off... he acceidentaly took off ever channel save ect... How do i get them back

    Currently i Have Disc Channel and Homebrew Channel
    PLZ tell me what i need to download to get everything back...
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    are you able to access the disk channel and load games? or are you fully bricked? If you can still run the homebrew channel, use NUs on your computer and download the needed files.
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    Your post was not exactly helpful either tbh. but thats besides the point.

    Back to the original question most of the channels can either be found like stated above and some can also be found in .wad format around the net and also at wiibrew so give it a look and hope you get your wii back to how it was.
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    May 24, 2009
    Considering that a new update was just released, I would say that you should do the upadte. That should re-install the news, weather and shop channels. Everything else will have to be re-downloaded though.
  7. Mark McDonut

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    You really need to understand the difference between a channel and an IOS file. An IOS file you should NEVER EVER EVER DELETE, only upgrade or downgrade. a channel you can. Both come packed in wads but one is part of the operating system required to do different things and the other is well, just a channel you launch.

    That said, I myself have gone into the red zone with space before and had to remove channels for the system menu to start right.

    Get your dad away from anytitledeleter and don't let him touch it until he wants to pay attention to what he's doing (deleting channels that don't even "count" for that part of the "low space" warning)

    Here's a fixed dol wufe. Put this in your apps directory and run it from homebrew channel and insert mario kart or brawl disc and this will rip the update wads to your sd card and you can install them with wad manager, just use the new 1.4 mod wad manager mod or move them from the root to the WAD folder if you're using 1.3

    Download wufe at

    you could always use anyregionchanger too, but I haven't personally used that program so I can't vouch for it.