My computer and internet suck

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    Heres my problem: When ever I'm gone and I leave my computer on, it turns off by it's self. I don't know why It just does. And my internet has one annoying problem:It keeps turning on and off! Gets really annoying.

    can anyone help me?
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    1: Check for virusses. And if you got some, delete them.
    2: The shutdown, if the virusses problem didn't work for shutdown. Open up your case (or download a program that monitors processor heat and check if it's too hot after a while.) And get rid of all, ALL the dust in your case. Especially the fans.
    3: Wait for more replies here [​IMG]
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    Before checking for viruses, check your power settings. Many computers (laptops especially) are set to hibernate/sleep after a period of inactivity. EDIT: Overheating can also cause a computer to shut down, but you tend to hear the fans getting much louder before that happens.

    As for the internet turning on/off... there's a number of possible causes, ranging from WiFi signal dropping to router resetting to damage in an ethernet cable. More details plox.

    Oh and of course, check for viruses. Viruses can do many things to be annoying, although sometimes viruses have nothing to do with how a computer/network behaves.