MT-Card users, help!

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by redunka, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. redunka

    redunka GBAtemp Fan

    Nov 26, 2014
    So, Savedatafiler does not work with Gateway, but it works with MT-Card.
    Can someone with MT-Card convert one of my Gateway saves? I wanna transfer it to cia version of game.
  2. MelonGx

    MelonGx GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Jan 8, 2009
    I'm not able to help you these days but I know the instructions.

    (GW user)
    Provide your .sav.
    If your .sav comes from .3DZ, you need to provide the ROM header.

    (MT-card user)
    Copy .sav to MT's MicroSD and replace the old file.
    If you receive the ROM header, you need to inject it to your ROM and rename .sav into .zav.
    After that, load that ROM with select button, then run SaveDataFiler (CIA version) to export the CTR cart's save.
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