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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by the_stag, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. the_stag

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    Feb 17, 2016
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    Admitted noob here, although I do PC tech support for a living, I'm no professional at this. I've scanned the forums but have been unsuccessful in finding a solution for my problem, so if there is one out there, I'll take my humility medicine.

    I've got 2 Wii's, one is far away at my in-laws house. I've modded them both to use USB Loader GX, although they're not quite the same since the first one I did a couple of years ago and it was a "learning" experience. The second one I did a couple of months ago, and I had some better notes to streamline the process. Before leaving my house, I did an "Extract Save to EmuNand" of Xenoblade Chronicles to my SD card. I then copied that save to my laptop, once I got there, I copied the whole sd:/nand/ to the sd card on other Wii. I changed the setting on XC to "Nand Emulation: Partial" and everything worked the way it was supposed to: I saw my saved games, loaded, saved, continued, etc. with no problems. So when it came time to leave, I did 2 things, first I copied sd:/nand/ to my laptop again and called it pre-extract. Then I did an "Extract Save to EmuNand", and copied that to my laptop and called it post-extract since I wasn't sure what the system was doing with my data and I didn't want to risk losing anything (about 10 hours of progress).

    So I get home, I know I have a good copy of the save games from XC from before I left, so rename that folder as "nand-original. I then take the pre-extract nand folder and copy that on my sd card, pop it in my Wii, change the setting on XC to "Nand Emulation: Partial" and BAM! I get an error: "nand emulation is only available on d2x cios". After some research it appears that only IOS 250 has the proper d2c cIOS, so I loaded up d2x cIOS installer 3.1 and followed the instructions here: After that, I was able to at least load up XC but it would only show me my old save data when selecting partial, full, or off from either of the extracts I had gotten from my in-laws home. So I deleted the save games from within XC and tried again...

    At this point I couldn't get any save games to show up, not from any of the 3 extracts I had. I extensively tried using the pre and post extract nand folders and file with different settings (full, partial, off nand emulation, verifying and changing the nand path on the sd card. Copying nand data to the usb:/ drive and pointing there and finally changing the Game IOS just within XC) to no avail. It was at this point I noticed something, before I made the cIOS changes described above, when I would load USB Loader GX, it said Loading... Using cIOS 250... Reloaded into cIOS 250 R65535 and it would load fine (I also verified earlier that the setting in USB Loader GX were "Loader's IOS: IOS 249" and "Game's IOS: IOS 249". I thought that was weird, but everything was working so I didn't change it). Now, when I launch USB Loader GX it says Loading... Using cIOS 249... then it loads without the reloaded part and everything seems to be fine as well (I've played some other games to verify that saves are working and such). So I copied the nand-original back to sd card, went to the settings of XC and changed "Game IOS" to 250 and "Nand Emulation" to Partial. At this point I could at least see my save games from before I left (losing 10 hours).

    I tried to get creative by copying the pre and post nand folders in and forcing IOS 249 and 250 with partial emulation, no success. I finally tried to just copy \nand\title\00010000\53583445\data\monado01 from my pre/post extract into my original nand and overwrite what was there, no dice. It did show saves 2 and 3, but save 1 showed up empty.

    So if you're still with me after all that I could use your help. I hope I provided enough info (or maybe I provided too much), let me know what other info I can provide and I'll get it ASAP. Thanks.

    System info:
    Both Wii's have the Homebrew Channel and were exploited using letterbomb and softened using Dop-mii (v12 and/or v16, my notes are incomplete, but I think they both used v16).
    I think all the other info you need for my Wii is in the post above...

    The far away Wii I used this cIOS Installer 38r17 found here:
    I installed from here: I copied the apps folder to my sd card and launched USB Loader GX from the Homebrew Channel.
  2. GreyWolf

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    Mar 2, 2015
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    Don't use anything from USB Loader GX's Google code site. The service is shut down and those are all old, especially the file you linked. That's the full channel and hasn't been updated in 4 years.

    The loader's new repository is here. You'll need to uninstall that GX and get the forwarder version and current apps file from the new site.

    It's not IOS250 that's required for EmuNAND, it's d2x. It works fine if you have cIOS249[56], too.
  3. the_stag

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    Feb 17, 2016
    United States
    Thanks for the assist GreyWolf. So I uninstalled/reinstalled GX with the link you gave me (I already had cIOS249[56] and cIOS250[57] after the steps I performed above). I wasn't able to see the new save file at first, but if I change XC > Settings > Game Load > Game IOS from Use Global[249] to 250, and Nand Emulation from Use Global[OFF] to partial, I can now see my saved game and continue from where I left off.

    So Kudos to you good sir.

    I have one other question now, is there a way to get this save game to be seen on ISO 249, and/or a way to get it back onto my Wii? I've seen some save game file managers out there, but I'm not sure if they will fix this particular issue. Thanks again in advance.
  4. tswntk

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    Aug 6, 2012
    cios249 is only a slot, a container, it has no meaning by itself
    [56] is the base ios used. You still need an updated cios like d2x v8.
    To really know what cios you have installed, use syscheck hde to generate a report and post the .csv here.
    or you can simply change the global default or xml setting to 250 to avoid making per game settings
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