Moving fantasy life save from system to another

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    So I googled the same question about 4 different ways to try to get a straight forward answer, some in which i really didn't understand not did I know if it related to me :P Anyways, basically I have a Fantasy Life save file with roughly 50 hours of play I need to move from one 3ds to another. The departure 3ds is a normal size 3ds-gateway, fw 4.5u. The destination is a 3ds XL- gateway, fw 4.2u.
    I've tried moving the .sav AND the ext data/000000 files also, when I load the game up, it tells me the save data has been corrupted and deletes the corrupted save and recreates it. Anyone know what I can do? :P

    EDIT: after some more time researching and reading the same thread 10 times I managed to understand most of what I was reading / doing, and I managed to copy Card2 saves to my other system! Problem solved.
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