Moved from JAP Emunand to USA Emunand, re-discover installed CIA files?

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by Pecrow, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Pecrow

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    Jun 23, 2015
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    Hi, I have a question and I am unsure if it can or cannot be done.

    I just followed a tutorial to change the emunand region.

    I have a n3ds Jap *normal size* running 9.2fw and Emunand on 10.4.
    Originally this was a Jap emunand and now it is a USA Emunand.

    I performed the emunand change on a new SD card (Leaving my normal sd card with out modifications)

    I started from a previous emunand backup, imported that into a new SD card and performed the change. After the emunand region change was completed I made a backup of the USA region, and then simply imported it into my normal SD card.

    The IDs under the "Nintendo 3DS" folder are the same, nothing changed, but all of my installed CIA files are no longer listed. They are still in the same folders as they were, the only change I did was import the USA emunand. DB files are all the same.

    Note I did add a new USA region Secure A file from another 3ds. Maybe this is at fault?

    Eventhough my JAP emunand was ... well JAP, All of my CIA files that I installed were USA region.

    Is there a way to re-discover the old installed CIA files, which are still in the same folders/IDs/DB files on this USA region Emunand?
    Total of 23gb of installed CIA files.

    PS: After region change I cannot rename a folder-3ds crashes. Anyone know how I could fix this?
  2. UraKn0x

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    Mar 20, 2014
    This goes under the EmuNAND region-changing thread. Also the answer to the folder problem (which is keyboard related) is in this thread, you should have read through the entire thread before asking (and as I see you have also posted there so there's no excuse ^o^), see here
    Normally, you are still able to launch some CIAs from the Home Menu (decrypted commercial CIAs and Homebrew CIAs), and you can launch the other ones from any CIA manager or from Masher's HB launcher if you can access it from your EmuNAND (see here If that annoys you I'd recommend you to backup your saves with TDVS and reinstall the CIAs.
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