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Mar 10, 2013

Mouse Issues by Intimidator88 at 4:02 AM (273 Views / 0 Likes) 1 replies

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    Ok so my gaming mouse which is a Cm Storm Xornet has for the past few weeks just stopped working at times,it will go a few days of not working at all and then 1 day ill plug it in and ill hear the driver being installed and it will work again but then a few days later it will do it will repeat the same thing.

    Ive tried downloading a updated firmware,unplugging and replugging,restarting the pc with it plugged in,with it unplugged,removing the driver and re installing but it always does the same thing again.When i first got it which was only late last year it worked just fine but as of recently it has been doing this. Is the mouse just going bad and i need another or can this 1 be fixed for good? Btw i have another regular mouse that does work everytime i plug it in so more then likey is not the pc itself.
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    "When I first got it which was only late last year it worked just fine"

    If it is a proper gaming mouse, though realistically any device will probably apply here, it is still under warranty. I do not know the particulars if you have drop certain words (around here if you say sale of goods act when they are umming and arring it is like a magic word) but less than a year is definitely cause to take it back.

    If that really is not possible it sounds like a classic case of dodgy wire, switch or connection somewhere. Before going too far there when it is in a "broken" state does it work in another machine- there is still the possibility your USB ports/controllers are unable to kick out enough power but that is less common for a mouse, even a "gaming" one.
    The trick comes in figuring out what it is, fixing it once you have that, assuming it is not the mouse's controller chip, is a matter of replacing the part in question or resoldering it if that is what has caused the failure.

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