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    Moonshell209stable is out!

    MoonShell Ver2.09 stable temporary update list

    Relations system,
    Adapter sector leads to an abnormal stop (CycloDS etc.) MoonShell Fixed compatibility issues may not start.
    Interrupt was banned for disk cache, the problem was fixed that was causing such noise or skipping.
    Interrupt disable a safer / has been released to perform the process.
    Fixed disk access bottlenecks.
    "Norton Internet Security" has been reported to address the issue of security risks.

    The relationship file list
    And no file extension, 0byte has to hide files.
    Added Ofutaima SELECT button to select menu.
    moonshl2.ini the [FileList] PowerOffTimerWhileNoInput section added. No input is automatically set in the file list Ofutaima.

    Relationship between music player,
    Audio output ROMEO2 Fixed a bug that reversed left and right.
    The playlist file as well as music files, even when you hold A button to open the music player's.
    M4A files can not play mono audio has to be inoperable.
    TTA file [8bits/1ch] and [8bits/2chs] and [16bits/1chs] Fixed a bug that can not play.
    moonshl2.ini the [FileList] When one section of the BButtonToFolderUp, R (right shoulder button) has a triple-click to stop music.

    The relationship editor
    When one line without reading the text only elaborate Fixed line separating the two rows.
    NULL characters (0x00) Fixed a bug that could not work the line containing the. NULL if it detects unusual character spaces (0x20) is read and automatically converted.

    • Other
    DPGEnc Ver1.6 included the old, DPGTools_AltVer was included in the folder.
    NDS initial type when you open a text reader, and fixed a bug that was Kuriataipufonto Blur. (Date of manufacture (lots) might be dependent)
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    It's Support loaders againg?
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    xD His post is earlier than yours by a couple hours.
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    Apr 7, 2007
    S.A.C. Loures - Lisboa
    MoonShell version 2.09 stable

    Hello! Long time no see. I had not been contacting during half a year. Sorry.

    Well, I completed the MoonShell2 project. All the specifications were decided, and I want to ask for the last cooperation.
    I am requesting the translation. Please give mail to "".

    The language file is in the "/moonshl2/language/messages.???" files.
    In the language file, there are a lot of addition items. Please ask an uncertain point.
    In addition, if an online manual can be translated, I am very glad.

    By the way, my English ability is very unskilled.
    The English language file is recruited and the person who rewrites it is recruited.


    MoonShell Ver2.10 beta for translation package



    messages.000 ENG / English, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.002 GER / German, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.003 ITA / Italian, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.004 ESP / Español, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.005 POR / Portuguese, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.006 NL / Nederlands/Dutch, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.007 ENG / English, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.008 ARA / Arabic, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.101 FRA / Français, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.866 RUS / Russian, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.932 JPN / ???, Completed.
    messages.933 JPN / ???, Completed.
    messages.936 CHS / ????, Doesn't have communications.
    messages.949 KOR / ???(????), Doesn't have communications.
    messages.950 CHT / ????, Doesn't have communications.

    P.S. I did not communicate during half a year to cooperators...
    It might be impossible that the translation updates the file of all the languages. Hahaha.
    However, I will end all work by 2010/02/04 (YYYY/MM/DD) even if there is a country that I cannot translate.