Moonshell 2.00 beta released


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Aug 24, 2007
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Please excuse this post. I didn't notice that it had already been posted yesterday. Sorry.

Moonlight has returned with a new version of Moonshell!

Changes (badly translated by google):

Version 2.00 beta.1 2008/12/31

io_dldi.s4kbyte We have enough spare memory 4kbyte io_dldi.s of lifting the restrictions.
DEFORUTOKODOPEJI that can be specified in the text reader.
The on-screen text reader, text / clock / Off to choose from.
That can change the spacing in the text reader.
Added some features linked to the charging cable. (Or whatever is assigned to be determined)
L/R L / R key combinations (such as single-click or press and hold) was added. readme_keymap.txt (Readme_keymap.txt).
Review your startup process, the start time a little shorter.
HomeBrew Homebrew've changed to a secure memory initialization during startup.
Action to remove the slide, Did you make your sub-menu, press and hold ground. (Not made yet)
Unlike the position even though the touch of a cursor to click to open the file.

Fixed a bug that destroys the disk write and test a simple check on boot disk.
(100kbyte) Misunderstand the place of memory and disk cache, the first school (100kbyte place) fix the bug that wasted memory.
DPG CPU DPG while playing, not playing until the end with a final CPU Fixed a rare bug that stopped.
HomeBrew DLDI Automatic DLDI homebrew fix the bug may not be able to successfully apply the patch.
Fixed a bug that memory access violation of the code of the character code automatically convert text reader.
DPG YUV->RGB DPG decoder used in YUV-> RGB Fixed a bug that the wrong conversion algorithm.
MP3 NDS NDS MP3 playback to fix the bug and have to stop opening and closing the lid.
Fixed a bug that can corrupt the configuration file when you save preferences.
Fixed a bug that number was wrong image file list display mode.
Fixed a bug that gets in the background screen menu system.
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