Monster Rancher DS Tips and tricks

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    May 13, 2010
    Figured since no one else made a topic about it, I would. If anyone has any interesting things that help to share post them here. For instance what to draw or say to get certain types of monsters. I drew a little angry "smiley" face giving the middle finger and got a red "tiger" type monster for my first one, pretty damn high stats too. Anyone know a way to get the rock monsters yet?

    oh, and the codes are in this forum and should probably be posted there;
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    Mar 14, 2009
    try drawing a big circle, you'll sometimes get a golem, but you still need to upgrade your stable so that the monster will fit in it
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    How to get Mocchi, Suezo and other? [​IMG]
  4. micado

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    Simply draw the whole alphabet in big letters (one char at a time).
    To get better results, simply draw them "bold" (having outlines).
    The "Fazer" is very easy to get by drawing a big spiral. [​IMG]
    ...and just try to "confirm" an empty board. [​IMG]
  5. Pong20302000

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    Sep 8, 2009
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    there are around 274 monsters to get i beleive
  6. Peelbash

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    May 17, 2009
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    Fill in the left half of the board, and you get some kind of pink fish
  7. micado

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    There are 272, to be exact.
    And no, you cant get all by just drawing on the board. [​IMG]

    My tip was for the STARTER monsters (Fazer being one of the best).
    Later, after a specific B-Rank Battle with a dragon, more boxes for the board will be unlocked.
    And there are other specific things to do later on, to unlock a max of 10 boxes.
    Some monsters can only be get by combining 2 others.
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    Telling someone what shape to draw is nearly never going to work because unless you post a picture of EXACTLY what to draw, no one will draw it exactly the same as you did, which means that they probably won't get the monster you did. To prove my point, I drew 5 spirals, which you said would produce a Falzer. The first one got me a Mewbat. The second one got me a Mochisaur. Third one got me another Mewbat. Fourth one was finally a Falzer. Fifth one was a Lesione. See what I mean? Anyway, here is an empty grid.
    I think it'd be better if we just drew on this to show people exactly what to draw.

    Also, I just got the Magic Spell regeneration technique, and it's a much better way to consistently pass on regeneration methods to each other. All you have to do is write letters and the game will actually try to recognize what letter it is, improving accuracy dramatically. Anyway, using Magic Spell, XYZZY gives you Niezheg, a pretty awesome Dragon/Naga.
  9. banditkeith

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    Sep 12, 2009
    I got the Niezheg the first time and tried it again and got a Tiger X Joker which is pretty sick as well! I have unlocked another two boxes though so that might be why there's a slight variance? Also...Entering CHOCOBO got me a Mandrake [​IMG]

    EDIT: Tried XYZZY another time and got Jailkeeper (Golem X Zan). Different ways of writing the alphabets have an effect as well but it's definitely less variance compared to drawing
  10. _Chaz_

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    OMG, that's what I got!
  11. Fel

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    May 5, 2009
    So close and yet so far away.
    And did anyone get the voice regenaration technique to work? I think mine freezes when I enter that mode, because I don't hear any music and the both screens are frozen, even the blue lights don't flicker beside the door. And given that in the Magic Field the upper screen does move and you hear music, I bet it's frozen. Bad dump perhaps? Or AP?
  12. micado

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    Thanks for the tip, really appreciated. [​IMG]
    I am currently preparing for the dragon-battle (3 month to go). I was experimenting with combining before.
    After the battle I will come back with some other tips, that's for sure.

    This little info has to do it so far...

    Important Farm Items (9/1 = month + week)
    Sculpture (Reduces Fatigue on FIRST week of each month) - Class D 9/1
    Gemini's Pot (Reduces Stress on FIRST week of every month) - Class D 6/1
    Weather Doll (Reduces Stress during SPRING) - Class D 8/3
    Cricket Chime (Reduces Stress during FALL) - Class C 9/1
    Ice Cube (Reduces Stress during SUMMER) - Class B 9/1
    Fire Stone (Reduces Fatigue during WINTER) - Class A 2/3
    Music Box (Resting is more effective) - Class S 10/4

    Errantry Dice Rolls
    HP of Monster
    1 : 4 Turns
    250 : 5 Turns
    500 : 6 Turns
    750 : 7 Turns
    1000: 8 Turns
    1250: 9 Turns
    1500: 10 Turns

    List removed to avoid confusion.
    List below will be the one updated.
  13. micado

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    After further investigation and searching for simple patterns,
    here it is, a revised "Magic spell" monster list.
    Now grab your Niezheg, Diabolos, Rock Dragon, Technodragon, etc. for sure! [​IMG]

    Using Magic Spell (after the B-Rank Dragon Battle)
    - Most characters I draw as straight lines (no bows or arcs)
    - I is drawn as a simple vertical line without serifs.
    I (like seen here with serifs) will lead to different results!
    - KMNVWXZ (all drawn like seen here without serifs)
    - BDR are drawn with bows (like seen here without serifs)
    - O is drawn as a box
    - P you can try with straight lines or a bow
    - Y drawn as 1 diagonal line from top-right to bottom-left and
    1 diagonal line hitting the centre from top-left
    - I will refer to different sizes as follows:
    small = 3x4 squares in size
    medium = 5x6 squares in size
    big = 5x8 squares in size
    - All sizes are expanding from the centre
    - Mirrored = mirrored on the X-axis only
    - Where there is no size mentioned, it is a freehand test

    I cannot guarantee that all codes work at the first try, sorry.
    There seems to be a random element when more than just the relevant spots for a monster are drawn at.
    Some patterns you have to try 2-3 times, even when drawn absolutely correct every time!

    8 Coloball (big as box)
    A Shellincho (small OR big)
    F Undine (small OR big)
    H Mewbyss (big)
    H Marincho (small)
    J Mochi Mew (big)
    J Eared Mew (small)
    K Pancho (small OR big)
    L Koroncho (small OR big)
    O Manna (small OR big)
    S Hare (big)
    S Green Suezo (small)
    S Tiger (small OR big, mirrored)
    T King Tut Duck (small OR big)
    U Flower (small OR big)
    88 Pink Princess (all big as boxes)
    AC Mochi Monk (all small OR big)
    AC Pengimochi (all big, C mirrored)
    AC Peach Tree Bug (all small, C mirrored)
    AE Urara (all small)
    AE Mucchi (all small OR big, E mirrored)
    AH Mocchi (all small OR big)
    AI Fukazo (all big)
    AI Color Pandora (all small OR big, I as seen here)
    AK Duckmew (all big)
    AO Dack Plant (all small OR big)
    AS Stoneface (all big)
    AT Pulcinella (all small OR big)
    AU Suezo (all big)
    CA Princess Colo (all small OR big)
    CA Mewcho (all small OR big, C mirrored)
    CE Puppy Colo (all small OR big)
    CE Gontar (all small OR big, E mirrored)
    CG Luvco (all small OR big)
    ME Pulscorn (all small OR big)
    US Rocky Fur (all big)
    US Bree (all small)
    US Hornie (all small OR big, S mirrored)
    HAL Yuma (all small OR big)
    HAL Tropimochi (all small OR big, L mirrored, starter monster)
    CHAT Duckis (all small OR big, C mirrored)
    LOVE Beetle Mocchi (all medium)
    GOAL Mewbat (all big)
    HATE Ent (starter monster, available through Magic Field)
    FEAR Machu Picchu
    SHIT Titan (all big, starter monster)
    XOXO Karma (all big)
    XXXX Queen Plant (all big, starter monster, available through Magic Field)
    88888 Falco (big as boxes)
    AMISH Gamba (all big)
    COCOC Salome (all small)
    COCKY Fairy Hare (all small)
    COLOR Gobi (all small)
    COOKY Fairy Hare (all big)
    DEVIL Piroco (all medium)
    DEVIL Falco (all small)
    DIZZY Columbina (all big)
    DIZZY Pumpkiplant (all big)
    DIZZY Husky Gill (all small OR medium)
    DIZZY Karma (D,I medium, ZZ big, Y small)
    GHOST Niezheg (all big)
    GOALS Naguaco (all big, starter monster)
    GOOST Gunbitt (all big)
    HALLO Jaguarbeat (all big, LL mirrored)
    LOSER Mischief (all small)
    OIZZY Golem (all small OR big, I as seen here)
    ROCKY Evil Fish (all big)
    SKULL Columbina (all big)
    SPINE Pod Dog (all big)
    TROLL Bowmew (all small)
    ZZZZZ Piroco (all big)
    POISY Ogyo (starter monster, available through Magic Field)
    FENCY Abyss (all big)
    LIGHT Gamba (starter monster, available through Magic Field)
    MUMMY Battle Rocks (all small)
    SHAKY Jailkeeper (all small)
    SHOOT Niezheg (all small)
    SHOOT Nightfang (all small OR big, S mirrored)
    SHOTS Pulscorn (all big)
    SHOTZ Death Clown (all small, Z mirrored)
    SHUTZ Black Mocchi (all big)
    SHUTZ Higante (all small)
    SHUTZ Blixy Klingy (all big, S mirrored)
    SHOUI Melloncho (all small, S mirrored, I as seen here)
    SHUUI Grapaduck (all small, I as seen here)
    XYZZY Licorice (all small OR big)
    XYZZY Mewnda (X,ZZ big, both Y small)
    888888 Fukazo (big as boxes)
    CANNON Bargest (all big)
    CREEPY Big Korobocci (all big)
    CREEPY Armocchi (all small)
    GREEDY Husky Gill
    HEALTH Naguaco (all small, starter monster)
    HEALTH Ducken (all small, EL mirrored)
    HEALTA Bargest (all big)
    HEALTA Rubberabby (all big, L mirrored)
    AEALTA Kablo (all big, E mirrored)
    SALUTE Jailkeeper (all small)
    SALUTE Pod Dog (all small, S mirrored)
    SALUTE Titan (all small, E mirrored)
    SALUTE Grapie (all small, LE mirrored)
    SALUTE Big Korobocci (all big, SLE mirrored)
    XXXXXX Plant (all big)
    HALL Garum (all small OR big)
    HALL Osaka Knight (all small, 1st L mirrored)
    HAIL Golem (all small, I as seen here, L mirrored)
    CELLO Drabitt (all small, 2nd L mirrored)
    CELLO Pixie (all big, C and 2nd L mirrored)
    CELLO Magmax (all small OR big, LL mirrored)
    CELLO Pirahnicolo (all big, CLL mirrored)
    STEEL Black Mocchi (all big)
    STEEL Mum Mew (all big, 1st E mirrored)
    STEEL Fairy Hare (all big, 2nd E mirrored)
    STEEL Lilim (all small, 2nd E mirrored)
    STEEL Mandrake (all small OR big, S and 1st E mirrored)
    STEEL Dragon (all small OR big, S and 2nd E mirrored)
    STEEL Dorara (all big, EE mirrored)
    SALSA Magmax (all small)
    SALSA Armocchi (all small, 1st S mirrored)
    SAUSE Kablo (all small)
    SAUSE Jack-in-the-Cho (all small, 2nd S and E mirrored)
    SHELL Ducken (all big)
    SHELL Grapie (all small OR big, S mirrored)
    SHELL Skullmew (all small, 1st L mirrored)
    SHELL Grapaduck (all small, E and 1st L mirrored)
    SHELL Ogyo (all big, LL mirrored)
    SHILLE Corkasus (all small)
    SHILLE Tetra (all small OR big, S mirrored)
    SHILLE Allure (all small OR big, S mirrored, I as seen here)
    MOTHER Pumpkiduck (starter monster, available through Magic Field)
    SPOOKY Dracomocchi (all big)
    SPOOKY Pod Dog (all small)
    STRONG Lilim
    8888888 White Mocchi (big as boxes)
    BROTHER Mochi Plant
    GHOSTLY Janne (all small)
    UGALALA Pumpkiplant (all big)
    HELLISH Dandelion (all big)
    HELLISH Evil Fish (all small)
    HELLISH Gunbits (all small, I as seen here)
    HELLISH Snowball (all small, E mirrored)
    HELLISH Diabolos (all big, E mirrored, I as seen here)
    HELLISH Gold Piroro (all small, 1st L mirrored)
    HELLISH Sueko (all big, 2nd L mirrored, I as seen here)
    HELLISH Dracomocchi (all small, EL mirrored)
    HELLISH Columbina (all big, E and 2nd L mirrored)
    HELLISH Plauna (all big, E and 2nd L mirrored, I as seen here)
    HELLISH Eyebee (all big, ES mirrored)
    HELLISH Mewco (all small, ES mirrored, starter monster)
    HELLISH Chaos Dragon (all small OR big, ES mirrored, I as seen here)
    HELLISH Scarabio (all big, ELL mirrored)
    HELLISH Ent (all small, ELL mirrored, starter monster)
    HELLISH Gobi (all big, ELL mirrored, I as seen here)
    HELLISH Dandelion (all small, ELL mirrored, I as seen here)
    HELLISH Garum (all big, all mirrored)
    HELLISH Mewco (all small, all mirrored, starter monster)
    HELLISH Golem (all big, all mirrored, I as seen here)
    HELLISH Shadow Mage (all small, all mirrored, I as seen here, starter monster)

    NEW cool monsters added 2010-08-11
    Death Clown

    ...and some other minor ones, again. [​IMG]

    Some feedback (patterns working or not) would be appreciated. [​IMG]
  14. Shinigami357

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    Jul 29, 2010
    general tips:
    - as soon as you can, get a ranch upgrade. it allows your monster to recover much faster, which is essential if you are planning to go on a streak of tourneys, drills, errantries, etc in a row. also remember to get some fatigue and stress reducing items.
    - sometimes it is worth it to let your monster fight it's own battles when it's stats (senses?) etc gets high enough. sometimes, you might even learn a new trick or 2 from watching it. (this is where i learned the "push him back, then blast him with the long range attack" technique)
    - balance guts costs with attack power and guts regen rate when considering your fight tactics. many a fights are lost because you didn't have enough guts for that KO hit. (or maybe it's just me)
    - you can beat even a highly overmatched opponent. just because all his stats are over 200 and yours are barely 150 doesn't mean he automatically wins.and when all else fails, always try again.
    - balance the way you discipline your monster. i always scold mine when it cheats, for example, but rarely if he just fails. and remember to let it rest once in a while.
    - just because a monster hates a particular training regimen doesn't mean he won't gain. fairly well-rounded monsters are always a great way to start off.
  15. Range-TE

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    Jul 9, 2008
    believe it or not, draw a Stickman Boxer punching and get the Suezo Golem

    Tried it 3 times and worked
  16. micado

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    Shinigami357 is right.
    Always keep your monsters Discipline at "Even" or "Strict", otherwise it likely does what it wants.
    To achieve this, use the rock (shop or tournament) to get it back to discipline or
    the fatty meat (shop or tournament) to get it back up to not hate you.

    NEW cool monsters added to the last list!
    Chaos Dragon
    Evil Fish
    Gold Piroro

    ...and some other minor ones.

    See especially my HELLISH experiment.
  17. FulgoreSama

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    May 16, 2010
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    I have an issue with my monster.

    Species: Nightfang
    Problems: Won't fatten up no matter what I try. It's like he has keytones and a tapeworm all at the same time (You could imagine this would kill someone as a diabetic. xP) How can I manage to put him to healthy conditions besides just shoving fatty steaks down his throat until he's normal shape. Other than that he's always stressed but I can't afford to keep up with the problems, It's like taking care of a craigslist rescue pet.
  18. GammaForce

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    Mar 20, 2010
  19. micado

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    How old is it?
    Monsters regularly have a lifespan of 2-3 years.
    Only Silver- and Gold-Peaches and/or quality breeding longer life.
  20. FulgoreSama

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    May 16, 2010
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    Uhm. I asked about an easier way to feed this garbage truck of a monster, Im not having money issues anymore.

    I fed him a golden peach, But I think he's about 3 years 6 months.