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  1. Zeff-555

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    Mar 2, 2017
    Hello everyone, I'm going to do a translation of Monster Hunter XX into Spanish and I need help.

    After searching a lot, I got the necessary tools to modify the texts of the game, I tested with the NTR OnionFS plugin, I changed a text of the game by the word "HACK" and it worked, but when I tried to change that same word for "Hack" did not work. So I assumed it was a bug with the font files.

    Try using the font files of the Monster Hunter Generations and it worked but another problem arose now I can not see what is written in Japanese, everything that is written in Japanese appears with question marks.

    I translated what says "Cliente" and "Resumen" the rest is in Japanese but has a glitch
    How do I fix this glitch?

    The other error is with the size of the texts, some words are too big and I do not know how to resize, for example
    How to resize the text?

    Please help me

    Everything was tested in the MHXX demo because the complete game has not yet come out.

    Sorry for my bad English, I'm still studying

    and special thanks to @dasding for the tools and the ROM Hacking Guide for the MH4U/MHX :bow:
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