Monster hunter 4 error messages

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    Jan 17, 2015
    I've been playing MH4U (real cartridge) on the NEW 3DS XL, and i've had 2 errors so far, the first says the sd card cannot be read/isn't inserted, even though it is. Its a decent micro sd, so I dont expect it to be the SD's fault.

    the second is really weird, it concerns a failed connection with the circle pad pro, which is built in!!!

    it says "connection failed.
    Please confirm tha the circle pad pro is properly attached and that it has sufficient battery power.

    It then turns the circle pad pro option "off"
    trying to turn it on again in the options asks you to press either ZR or LR, but doing so does nothing and it wont detect.

    This is a standard error when using an actual circle pad pro, it turns off after a while to conserve it's battery, but the new 3ds doesn't use one.

    Powering down and back up seem to fix both issues, but they might randomly reappear later.

    Has anyone else encountered these or have any idea what causes them?
    Do the c stick and extra shoulder buttons have a software "off" switch like the wifi has now, that is maybe controllable by code in the game software, or during boot up if it detects its running on a NEW 3DS, and in this case failing to do so randomly?

    Haven't had any problems with other games, playing on a PAL Majora's Mask Limited Edition new 3ds XL, updated to latest firmware.
    I have not yet used a flashcard on this unit, it's clean.

    Btw, There was an update for the game already feb 12, it kept failing at 30% for me i figured it was because of the offial release date, or e-shop being too busy during launch time. Also streetpass for this title seems wonky, i passed someone with mh4U data, but in in streetpass management it says 0 Data transmissions, also an NPC in the guild hall said it was turned off and I should turn it on, even though it is.
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    Nov 7, 2014
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    I played my mh4G (japanese one) on my new 3ds LL, it never ask me to press ZR or LR, actually no error I see at all(I am playing around a month.)