Monopolies and games preservation featuring Nintendo and Youtube


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May 11, 2018
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I was going to reply to one of the recent threads created about Nintendo going after youtubers for posting soundtracks, hacking tips, etc. However I've decided to instead create this new post to see where people stand with this. Because it is a much bigger issue in my mind, so I hope I'm not alone on my thinking.

Not only I believe the consumer should own the product that she bought, in the sense that she should be able to do what the hell she wants with it, but it should be encouraged by those selling it. The actual incentive to always buy new and more, creates a bad vicious cycle on the environment. Gaming consoles can, and should have a much bigger lifespan than they are credited for. But this applies to computers too, as well as other devices. I dread the day when computers become locked consoles, and we have to pay to install software and only approved apps by the company producing them. Isn't this absurd?

As appaling as it is to see Nintendo going on a rampant against anyone WHO loves their products, specially the hackers (or they wouldn't even bother creating the videos in the first place), the additional concern here, are the monopolies. The fact that Google owns Youtube, hence has the ultimate power to take down any video with the slightest DMCA complaint or some change in their policies, just goes to say that centralised platforms like theirs aren't good for any community, let alone the gaming one.
Since youtube is too big and ingrained in everyone's lives, the impact it has are enormous when this happens. And obviously Nintendo knows it, because they know most people unfortunately uses it exclusively. So I say please do not use youtube (or reduce it as much as you can), in favour of other options. Nobody should have that much control in one centralised place. It's incredibly unlikely to imagine this even a decade ago!
I know of many youtubers who today depend on Patreon and other donations to survive, as youtube is constantly changing their policies, therefore they stop getting their funds. For example, videos containing swear words also are not eligible for ads, hence no revenue. What the hell man? Just introduce filters for children, don't assume everyone is one. Why are movies available on stream that are not children friendly then? We must assume children are watching it as well. To the detriment of everyone, these policies serve nothing but to damage those who wish well. In a sense, this is a lack of will to develop and new ways to filter content, as opposed to discrimination who only benefits the movie or gaming industries, without consequence or fairness for consumers.

I see this in too many industries. The future won't bode well if we continue to give more control to the FAANG :(
That's why decentralisation is something we as a global community should be striving for. What we really care is the content and the people producing it, not the companies behind it. Why do we keep giving them money and more power to control on what should be produced?
Here's some decentralised recommendations: Lbry, PeerTube, DTube, 3Speak

If you have to use traditional platforms, here's a few others (at least the power is not in one place): Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe
Even in this case, Nintendo must chase and find where those videos are hosted to DMCA strike, and I think there is a point where the money they are spending on chasing everyone in every platform is not worth anymore. Anyhow, the decentralised suggestions above, would be better in the interest of preservation, as DMCA won't produce any effect.

For now I also recommend downloading youtube videos and uploading elsewhere. This way the content doesn't get lost forever, which would be a shame otherwise.
And if you have to really use youtube, use an Adblocker. So that you can support the artists directly elsewhere, without giving a cut to Google.

I'm just tired of seeing good youtubers forced to either change their content completely, or worst to disappear into oblivion. Only because of stupid policies and eager for control.

The same way I believe digital/streaming gaming is going to put and end to gaming preservation. If that day comes, it would be one of the saddest moments for the gaming community. My hope is that people won't support things like Stadia or any other gaming stream platforms that could come in the future, which will put an end to the concept of games ownership.
If you do not own a physical copy of something, it is not yours, and could be taken away at any time, at any moment. Future generations have every right to be exposed to past art as we have now to the present. There is a lot of good content created in the past that will be a joy for anyone to explore, given we have archives and the opportunity to use it.
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