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Aug 19, 2015
United States
This is a 3DS port of a game created by Markus "Notch" Persson as part of the Ludum dare 22 competition back in december 2011. I have rewritten the entire game in C, as Java programs don't run on the 3DS.

How to play:
  • Move with the circle pad or the D-pad.
  • Attacking and using items are with A or B.
  • Open your inventory or use a workbench with X or Y.

The point of the game is to kill the Air Wizard, who lives up in the sky.

To get access to the sky, you must find stairs to delve into the earth to find gems to make a gem pickaxe.

Stairs leading downward:

Stairs leading upward:

There are 3 levels in the underground. Each level has it's own level of ore; you can smelt the ores in the furnace to make Iron/Gold bars to make better weapons with the anvil. (Yes gold tools are better than iron tools in this game).

First level - Iron ore
Second level (water) - Gold ore
Third level (lava) - Gem ore

I recommend that you get at-least 100 gems to make both a pickaxe and a sword. After that go back up to the surface and find the stairs that lead up to the clouds, then you will face off against the air-wizard.

Texture packs:
As of beta build 4, you can make texture packs for the game. They contain 3 .png files inside a .zip files. Below is the default textures inside a zip file for you to edit. To make a description, just edit the global comment of the .zip file (use 7zip or winRAR).


Created a texture pack youself? I will feature it on a list here for people to download.

Additional features in this version:
  • Save feature
  • Texture packs
  • Rebindable controls
  • Map on the bottom screen
  • Tutorial
  • Improved sky level
  • Replaced the cloth item (useless) with zombie flesh

Download (Version 1.0):
3DSX + SMDH: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qt0fzlch8ri1b2d/Minicraft3DSv1.0.zip?dl=1

ELF + SMDH: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v57bkv4t17wdrpe/Minicraft3DSv1.0elf.zip?dl=1

Source code:
Github: https://github.com/DavidSM64/Minicraft3DS

This game uses the sf2d library created by xerpi, it's a great GPU rendering library for 2D games. You can check it out here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-beta-sf2dlib-simple-and-fast-2d-library-using-the-gpu.384796/

Change Log:
Version 1.0:
* The game is finally out of beta.
+ Updated libraries (Now works with latest version of ctrulib and sf2dlib)
+ Updated .smdh file
+ Lava lighting no longer pops in and out of existence. (thanks andre111)
+ Fixed some minor bugs

Beta Build 5:
* The game is now feature complete!
+ Player's icon now shows up on the mini-map
+ Added a zoom-able map to the bottom screen. Touch the mini-map to show the zoom-able map.
+ Finished the "How to play" menu.
+ Added a "N3DS Speedup" option in the settings menu for New 3DS owners to enable the 804 MHZ mode. This option will be grayed out for people using the Old 3DS models.
+ Added 2 new button menu inputs (Next and Previous) that are used in the "How to play menu", the default buttons are L and R.

Beta Build 4N:
+ Enabled the 804 mhz speedup mode on the New 3DS for people to test out.

Beta Build 4:

+ Added Texture pack support!
+ Added underground lighting (thanks to @catlover007), lanterns are no longer useless!
+ Added a proper settings menu
+ Texture pack selection menu inside settings menu
+ You can disable the debug text
+ Made the bottom screen more pretty

Beta Build 3:
+ Added Saving and Loading to the game! You can have many different worlds now!
+ Added new menu input "delete", to delete saved worlds. The default button is 'X'.
+ Added a "Save progress" option to the pause menu.

Beta Build 2.1:
+ Wheat can be now trampled on.
+ Updated libraries used by the game.

Beta Build 2:
+ Added 2 new menus, Settings and About.
+ Settings menu will let you rebind buttons, saved settings outputs to "btnSave.bin".
+ The start button will no longer close the game, it now brings up a pause menu.
+ Added an 'Exit' option on the main menu to leave back to the homebrew menu.
+ The player can no longer go outside the world's boundaries.
+ Added a delay when you kill the air wizard.
+ Increased range for rendering entities.

Beta Build 1:
* Initial release









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Aug 7, 2008
Fantastic work on this, @Davideesk. I'm completely new to Minecraft, having never played the game itself or Minicraft either, but I can see the appeal based on even this early release; I had a lot of fun.

To start with, I'm on a USA New 3DS running 9.9 and launched Minicraft via Themehax.

I did a full playthrough. I did encounter a bug occasionally where enemies who were near the edges of the screen would appear to "flicker" onto the current screen. They'd pop up on-screen when nearby and I'd sort of get a warning of what was around, even if that wasn't intentional. I wasn't able to get this to reliably recur, so I'm not sure what circumstances cause it, I will try to screw around with it some more.

I ended up beating the game on my second attempt (I think), but I didn't actually see the end screen because I went from being in the middle of whacking the final boss to what I assume was a screen asking if I wanted to play again. So I went whack-whack-whack-play-again?-yes. It might make sense to require a different button press to start over than the attack button.

While it's presumably not a feature included in the original Minicraft, I do think some control tweaks could make the game more pleasant in some areas.
  • Perhaps the B button should cancel out of menus instead of duplicating the A button's behavior? I accidentally bought a second Workbench on one occasion because I instinctively hit B when I was done.
  • Start might also be better served for opening the menu (not instead of, but in addition to X/Y) rather than quitting. I had the inclination to pause the game on a couple of occasions and very nearly hit Start instead of X. Maybe Select would be a better quit button?
  • Could the L/R shoulder buttons perhaps cycle through equipment? I'm not sure how you'd want to implement this, whether it'd make sense to cycle through only the tool-type equipment (sword, axe, hoe, pickaxe, shovel) or make no distinction and just cycle through all items. If the former, though, which ones? Only the best x-tool-type available, or all of them? There doesn't seem to be much reason to use the "old" equipment once you have something better.
As for the touch screen: a touch-inventory would be another way to solve the problem mentioned above, or even be used in concert with button inputs. Being able to equip items by touch would be a lot less tedious than opening the menu, pulling out the workbench, building the furnace, taking out the power glove, putting the workbench away, making ingots on the furnace, pulling out the power glove again, etc. This seems ideal with L/R "tool-only" shuffles, which are great to have on-hand ("real time ... weapon change") while the crafting tools are only needed occasionally and would make sense on the touch screen. This would also allow switching to the "old" equipment if desired, assuming the L/R buttons are cycling through only the best of what is available.

Whatever you end up doing with the project in future, I'm really looking forward to it.
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