Miku's Adventure (Pokemon Gold Hack)

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    Sep 23, 2013
    Hey guys, I've been working on a test/demo project on the side, a Miku adventure in Pokemon Gold:

    I changed the starters to: CLEFFA, IGGLYBUFF, and TOGEPI, each level 1. Rival starts with CHIKORITA, CYNDAQUIL, or TOTODILE, and I made it so that they are still catchable in the wild.
    I had to test for bugs though, and yeah, given Pokemon is notorious for weird glitches, I found a weird one that if you catch a level 1 starter, and get EXP off a wild Pokemon, the leveling goes shit-crazy, and takes forever to get to level 100. I want to make this a challenge, so I made some of the first Pokemon level 1, including the starters. I'm tempted to change the Rival's Pokemon to level 5 to add an extra challenge.

    The challenge is in the Pokemon themselves, IGGLYBUFF has only SING and CHARM, which I managed to use and defeat the Rival with. I gave a generous amount of molah at the beginning for testing, the maximum amount (I think it was 65535 or something like that).

    I just recently edited the front sprite now, and this isn't going to be a full-blown project, just something I plan to burn to a cart later and play.

    I am, however, thinking about a dialogue change if anyone has some ideas. There is a script editing tool I found to edit the text with.

    I also changed the Trainer Card to match the intro sprite using AGI v4.11:
    Which required a different setup... required a bit of hex-editing, which worked similar to the way texture importing works for N64 games..