Mii Plaza Update Error: 009-6106

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    Jul 8, 2014
    In sysNAND B9S/Luma3DS (11.4.0) I am unable to update Mii Plaza. When I try to update, it gives me error code 009-6106. I tried to delete the ticket and update which seemed to work until I get a general error and the system rebooted. When the system rebooted the Mii Plaza icon disappeared. I tried installing it in CIAngel but the .cia installation failed. I just restored my sysNAND from a backup so I get Mii Plaza back but is there a way to update it without getting an error? I don't necessarily need Mii Plaza but I kinda want to know where this 009-6106 error is coming from and why Mii Plaza has this issue. Thanks

    UPDATE: I was able to fix this issue by installing freeshop and updating Mii Plaza through freeshop. Was able to get the update for both sysNAND 11.4 and emuNAND 11.2. Now it works flawlessly.
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