1. XrosBlader821

    XrosBlader821 Digimon Tamer

    Feb 1, 2014
    I think being done to death is a valid assumption on why these series were tossed to the side.
    There is just so much you can do with 2D Sidescrollers before they start getting old and later outings of both Megaman (in form of Zero and ZX) and Castlevania (in form of the DS games) didn't garner much attention despite being released on the freaking Nintendo DS. The reason we don't see something like this happen with first person shooters or fighting games is the replay value you get out of competetive online multiplayer. Which is why we mostly see those genres return in form of Indie developers who don't need to please any shareholders and just want to put out a game. And Yes Megaman 11 exists but from playing the Demo I really didn't feel it with the new Gear mechanic and if I had to play classic Megaman I would've picked Megaman 1~6 & 9~10. I'd much rather have capcom continue with ZX but we all know why they haven't done that, and will never do. Classic Megaman brings more Nostalgia bucks!
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