Mic feedback worse with high bitrate recording

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    So here is my problem I am running into which is unbelievably annoying. Using a TurtleBeach XL1 headset on my PC, if I set my recording bitrate to 48000 hz, there is hardly any feedback whatsoever, yet my girlfriend says it sounds like I am talking through an aquarium. If I kick it up to 96000 or 192000 hz, the audio quality is much better, volume is louder, and feedback comes and goes.

    So I want to record at 192000 hz. Problem is, whenever I open ANY game whatsoever, whether it has mic access or not, it picks up a TON of extra feedback and distortion. Kicking it down to 48000 hz recording rate makes that disappear, yet the recording quality is crap then.

    My questions are why is this happening, and what can I do to fix it while still recording at a high bitrate?

    I had just updated my audio drivers (Realtek HD audio, integrated, MSI 790FX-GD70 mobo), I am running beta nVidia video drivers (and I've had this problem even with the recommended builds), Most recent W7 x64 updates, most recent DirectX, etc etc. Ethernet may be the only thing out of date.
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    Could just be regular electrostatic interference. I've just bought a USB mic and it fixed all the feedback noises I was having.