MH4U DLC Help?

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    Ok so I have downloaded all of the DLC for the game. How the hell do I use it!? I mostly just want to know how to use the palico costumes, Im pretty sure I know how to play the extra quests. But, I've checked the palico gear box, Ive gone to forge palico gear, I've checked my inventory, I can't find the downloaded costumes anywhere. Anyone know?
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    you DO NOT GET a weapon/eq/costumes you get quests to get tickets/items to make them
    go to the guild hall (the or g-rank place)
    talk to the quest giver lady in the hall and pick Event quests(there are Low rank and High Rank (or the g-rank person)
    pick the quest for the item you want
    complete the quest
    get the item needed to MAKE the stuff (may need to the the quest a few time)
    go to the blacksmith and make the item with the item you got form the quest (other items might be needed as well)
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