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    is it worth my time? i mean i have beaten the first 2 never played snake eater and play a little bit of 4 but not much of it. i saw that the HD collecting is out. and i'm wondering if it's worth 50 neck snaps LOL!! but on a seriously note i just wish that the first metal gear solid was in there but sadly it's not (i'm talking about the ps3 version) so i would have to buy the psx version on psn. i just wish the twin snakes from gamecube was on here. but sadly twin snakes was nintendo only... so yeah tell me what are your thoughts and input and stuff.
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    MGS2 and MGS3 are even nowadays a bit outdated in terms of controls and stuff but workable. The first MGS, that's just a bit too much for me. I'd much rather them include the graphic novel (available on the PSP, and seeing the amazing art in high definition would be fantastic) than the original game.

    Otherwise, it's gotten good reviews. The graphical overhaul isn't much to rave about, especially for Peace Walker, but Peace Walker does have dual analog controls now and online co-op, which basically sold me on the game alone. The other games are also their limited editions so they have those bonuses.

    For $50, I'd definitely say it's worth it.