Menu crashes when renaming folders on emunand

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    Jun 15, 2013
    Hi everyone. Yesterday I successfully changed my 9.1.0J new3DS's emunand to 10.5.0U according to the guide here:

    However a lot of titles are missing like the USA version of Nintendo 3DS Sound. I know this will happen because some programs have not been updated for a long time. So when I change region directly from 9.X this will happen. Luckily I looked up for some information according to these two websites:

    They really helped a lot. I installed most of the missing system CIAs and deleted the unneeded ones using devmenu and FBI.

    However there's still one last problem when I am trying to change names of the folders I created for Home menu. It went to a black screen that told me to turn of the console. Same things happen when I was trying to type the words I want to say in Streetpass Mii Plaza.

    At first I thought there was something with my software keyboard. But I found nothing but titles correctly being installed using fbi (both US version safe mode and regular keyboard). Also, when I type a name of a mii, website address, name of the user, there's nothing wrong.

    So I am wondering whether some titles are still missing, but I looked up for those two websites for a long time but no answers found. Can anyone help or just a hint would be OK.

    Update: I have a new discovery that the system crashes when using a keyboard that uses dictionary prediction. Now I have to find out.

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