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    Aug 2, 2014
    This application can be used to port an offset using a source memory dump to a destination memory dump. It is useful for example to support different regions of games when offsets are not compatible. I mainly developed this for porting Mario Kart 8 version 1.0 offsets to version 4.1 without having to work too hard myself by looking at both memory dumps and trying to find a way of uniquely identifying a memory region. This tool does everything automatically.

    Download it here:

    This is a command line tool, the usage is as follows:
    java -jar "Memory Offset Porter.jar" "Path to source dump" "Path to destination dump" "Source offset in hexadecimal"
    Demonstration video:

    - Java has to be installed
    - Requires about 2GB of RAM because it will read both memory dumps fully
    - If an offset has been ported, it can still be wrong so pay attention. Do not blindly trust this tool but use it to assist you with porting
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