MegaMan StarForce 2: Zerk X Ninja Save Help

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    Feb 2, 2008
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    I just finished beating the game. I beat Le Mu, credits ran, saw Solo save me, then saved the game. When the game restarted itself after the save, the Badge of the Blue Hero appeared so i assumed i beat the game correctly. When I clicked continue, it loaded me on my last save right before the walkway to the Great Shrine. is it suppose to do that because i know i read on a walkthough there is an entire alternate ending for after you beat the game.

    Did anyone else have similar problems?(if this even is a problem?)

    I expected it to load me to Echo Ridge where i was last in the cutscene.

    Btw, i'm using an M3 Simply v1.14 with rom 2390 - MegaMan StarForce 2: Zerker X Ninja