Mayflash Wii/PS3 -> VGA issues

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    May 25, 2009
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    Hello, GBAtemp

    Got one of these cables, been having some trouble with it. Screen goes black every so often...

    Well, same as . Bad stuff.

    Last time's advice was, apparently, cable be bork'd. Got any advice as to what cable would work if this one absolutely doesn't?

    Anyhow, specs:

    480p, Widescreen (16:9), running via VGA into an ASUS VH236H monitor.


    Alright, results of some researchin'.

    Apparently, the Wii likes to randomly output a rare few frames of 480i while it's using 480p resolution, damned if I know why. Because of this, the monitor - for me, Asus VH236H - is getting some seriously strange input in the middle of picking up normal 480p. As far as I can tell, this processing problem is where the blackout happens.

    Not sure, though, how to fix it without a fancy converter box. The VD-W2 seems to be an option, but it's a tad limited in support...may be the best feasible though.
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    how is it limited in support?