MaxLander Unboxing, Tutorial, and Review

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    Thanks to GBAtemp and the MaxLander team I was able to obtain a MaxLander unit to review for you guys. However, I decided to take things a step further for you all since there are many questions surrounding the device spread throughout the temp and I wanted to set the record straight. As a result not only did I do a review, but I also did an unboxing and a tutorial as well. In classic Ericzander fashion, I did this in a video format which you can watch below. In addition, you can see a written version of the review part of my video by clicking the link at the bottom of the post which links to the full official review.

    :arrow: MaxLander: Official GBAtemp Review
    MaxLander official support site:

    MaxLander official retailer site:
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  2. LightyKD

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    Great review.
  3. bbq_bob

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    Can the MaxLander be used to program other Mifare tags like those from Sparkfun? Or does it only work with the tags from MaxLander?

    Or, alternatively, can an image from one toy be copied onto another toy. Some of the toys are cheaper than the Maxlander tokens.
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