Max HDD size?

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    What is the max size hdd the ps3 can handle internally (passthrough cables with 3.5 hdds included)? i read that some people say only 1tb. others say 1.5tb. one person said they got a 3tb in a super slim. any definitive answer would be appreciated.
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    Oct 11, 2011
    I've got a 1 TB in me PS3 so a 1 TB works.
    I believe the max it can hold is 2 TB.
    Atleast, the 360 has a max of 2 TB so I think the PS3 as well..

    It's to bad I don't have a spare 2 TB to test, otherwise I'd tested it for you.
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    A thread on (from 2013) says 1.5 TB is no problem but 2TB drives crap out before they finish formatting. I suppose it's possible they could have enabled bigger drives in a firmware update after 2013, but unless you can find hard proof, I'd still to 1.5 or lower to be safe.
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    I recently attempted to put a 2TB drive in my PS3 SuperSlim, but it's not supported. 1TB should work fine. 1.5TB might work, but it's a gamble based on what I've seen online.