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    Apr 18, 2004
    I modded my Wii with ModMii and have my Gamecube and Wii games on an external drive with Wiiflow to manage them.

    On the Wiiflow wiki I found a link to an abz masterpiece pack. I looked through it and the notes on the website but unfortunately I'm still a little confused.

    Am I right that some folders, like "apps", should go on the SD card and some of the others like "games" and "wbfs" should go on the external drive (those two I already have)?

    It's just that I'm not sure about where many of the other folders go.

    So to get to the point is there a somewhat more beginner-friendly tutorial to setting up the abz pack correctly please? Because it looks awesome! Thanks :)
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    May 28, 2014
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    Will u be using Wiiflow for just Wii and GC games??

    Will u be using any Plugins like Emulators??

    You should Extract the entire Masterpiece pack to the Root of ur SD Card overwriting everything in the process......

    If u have ur Wii on HDD Wiiflow should detect them when u load it up the first time....If u have ur GC games on HDD it should also detect if not on the GC menu u can select settings and change Partition from SD to USB1

    If u wanna use Plugins like Emulators u will need to Edit each of the Emus .INI configuration file to point to the Directory(Example : these are in Wiiflow/Plugins/fceugx.ini and look for romdir=fceugx/roms that is where ur Roms are located at either on SD or USB1) and upon selecting the Source Emu again go to settings and select Partition being SD or USB1

    **U should DL the Cover Packs from Mastershoes Thread as it has them setup for Wiiflow for every system available**

    For GC games also make sure u have installed DiosMios 2.10 NOT Lite as lite is for SD and u want USB1 loading....also make sure u have formatted ur HDD to FAT32 with 32kb clusters

    Also i would advise to DL a compatible theme for latest Wiiflow 4.2 so u can have Coverflows and whutnot......
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    Nov 5, 2012
    Me too! I've recently installed WiiFlow with DIOS MIOS and would love to get the Masterpiece Pack working to add cover support to my RetroArch roms etc. and get an emunand working.