Mario Kart 8 texture hack not working

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    Oct 25, 2015
    I've been trying for a while to get a custom texture modification for Mario to work for a while now, and I haven't been able to get everything working. Once the file is loaded through Cafiine, the game simply crashes.

    What I've done (step-by-step):

    - Obtained Mario.szs (from /vol/content/driver/)
    - Decompressed to Mario.bfres
    - Extracted Mario.bfres into GTX files
    - Converted GTX files to DDS
    - Edited DDS files in
    - Converted DDS back to GTX
    - Packed GTX files into SARC
    - Compressed SARC into SZS using yaz0enc

    Once it generates a new SZS, I put it in the appropriate path for Cafiine, and the game simply crashes. Does anybody know why? I'm really looking to get texture hacks working and I cannot find anything involving MK8. All help is appreciated :)
  2. lonemoonHD

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    Dec 31, 2015
    Well, for one, .bfres files are never SARC compressed. The game crashes because you're using an invalid .szs file. It's not supposed to be SARC compressed; the edited .bfres it only requires standard Yaz0 compression.

    Here is a guide on what you should actually do:

    You'll need: Python 2.7, a .szs file of your choice, Paint.NET, yaz0dec & yaz0enc

    1. Once you're done editing the .dds files, move the edited .dds file and a .gtx file with the same name to the main TexHaxU folder.

    2. Make a new text file and name it "filelist.bat". In this file, write " Mario.bfres pause". Running it will show you all the texture positions in the file, which are crucial for the textures to get inserted. You must download Python 2.7 for this to work, as the file has instructions only Python can interpret/decode.

    Once you get the file list, search for your file's name in it and mark down the file's position. Then, make a new file called "splicer.bat" and in it, write " Mario.bfres 0 position pause".

    Here's where it gets complicated. "position" is obviously the file's position you got earlier. It should be written without brackets or quotation marks. "filename" is again replaced by the file's actual name, and the "0" is the minmip number.

    If you've done everything right (so far) and it doesn't work, try changing the number to 1 or 2.

    Now, here's an example how the script should look now:
    " Mario.bfres 0 31 pause"

    4. Run "splicer.bat" and if it works, a new file will be made in the main TexHaxU directory; "anus_alb1.gtx". This means you've done it correctly and that your file is now in the .bfres. The file should be smaller than the uncompressed .gtx file from earlier, and it should always have the "1" at the end of its name.

    5. Repeat this for every single texture you want to replace and once you're done, use "yaz0enc" to encode the .bfres file into .szs. It will give you a ".bfres.yazo" extension at first, but once it's done compressing, just change it to ".szs".

    6. Put the file into Cafiine and you should have your working texture hack hit you in your face. ;P

    With love, @lonemoonHD.
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  3. sora10pls

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    Oct 25, 2015
    You are a life saver. It worked! Thank you so much :D
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    Jun 14, 2016
    Yeah... The second part of the tutorial is a bit difficult for me. Is it alright if you can make a vid or send a link with a vid on how to do this? I hope I'm not bothering you or anything... ">_>
  5. chri02

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    Feb 11, 2016
    When yaz0enc use to encode the bfres file, from 21% down to -21%. Is there any way to solve?