Managing multiple game pads on one PC

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    Jan 9, 2014
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    As I continue to collect and build, I'm finding it harder and harder to manage multiple game pads on my PC. My usual tactic has been to just plug pads in as I need them, but this is cumbersome, and Windows loves to change things up which means I need to go into the input settings in my emulator half the time to fix them. I would love to be able to have everything plugged in at once via a big hub, and to just pick up the controller I want to use and start playing.

    Right now I have 2 each of NES, SNES, GC, N64, and Wii controllers that attach via USB adapters, plus a bluetooth NES30 controller and a wired 360 controller. Eventually I plan to get a BlissBox once the new project hits Kickstarter, but in the meantime I've got what I've got.

    So, are there any utilities out there to help me manage all of these? Preferably something that plays nice with Xpadder and lets me save profiles so I don't have to start from square one if I ever need to re-install Windows.