Making an ELF from code.bin and exh.bin?

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    I would like to create an ELF file from the code of a ROM so that I can take a look at it in IDA. So far I have dumped and decrypted the ROM, extracted and decompressed code.bin, and obtained exh.bin.

    I have read in another thread that it is possible to use ctrtool with those two files to make an ELF file. Is this true? What do I tell ctrtool to make it do this?


    Edit: Looks like I should have said it is possible with patchrom. I'll post back with a quick guide if I figure it out.

    Got it. Here's a quick rundown.

    Assuming you have your code.bin and exh.bin:
    Download patchrom
    Put code.bin in the workdir folder
    In the workdir folder make another folder called exefs
    Place exh.bin in the exefs folder
    Be sure you have downloaded the GCC Arm Toolchain
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