Hacking make NUSD Script for v1.3 Beta


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Aug 12, 2009
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Well it took a little time to get it to run but it finally worked. Had to use WordPad to save as Notepad just wasn't doing it.
First create a new text document, rename it to 4.2E
Change the extention from .txt to .nus, I personally don't "Hide extentions for known file types" conltrol panel/folder options/view.
right click on 4.2E.nus and open with WordPad. The first time you try to open a .nus file it won't have "Open with" only an Open, chose program from list, find WordPad, and open.

copy this into blank file:
CODE0000000100000002 01E2
0000000100000004 FF00
0000000100000009 030A
000000010000000A 0300
000000010000000B 0100
000000010000000C 010D
000000010000000D 0111
000000010000000E 0208
000000010000000F 020B
0000000100000010 0200
0000000100000011 0307
0000000100000014 0100
0000000100000015 030E
0000000100000016 040D
000000010000001C 060E
000000010000001E 0B00
000000010000001F 0D15
0000000100000021 0C13
0000000100000022 0D14
0000000100000023 0D15
0000000100000024 0D17
0000000100000025 0F1D
0000000100000026 0F1B
0000000100000032 1400
0000000100000033 1300
0000000100000035 151E
0000000100000037 151E
0000000100000038 151D
0000000100000039 161D
000000010000003C 181E
000000010000003D 151D
0000000100000046 1A1F

Save file.

The line 000000010000003C 181E is IOS60 v6174 so it doesn't completely update all the IOSs.
0000000100000002 01E2 is System menu 4.2 v482 changing it to 0000000100000002 01E1 makes it 4.2U (v481)

449 is 01C1
450 is 01C2

Open NUSD 1.3
Make sure to check pack wad BEFORE loading script if you want it in wad form. Click on the load NUS Script from extras menu navigate to your saved .nus file and open.

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