MadWorld Difficulties

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  1. CreX

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    Jun 19, 2007
    Hello fellow GBATemers, but in this case, fellow MadWorld playas!

    Every reviewer out there talk big about how hard the "Hard mode" is in MadWorld.
    But I don't agree. The hardest level for me on hard was "Casino Land: The Strip", until I found the 2 WELL HIDDEN Jack Balloons.

    But the final fight against **** ***** (not gonna spoil) was a dissapointment in difficulty. When I played against the last boss in normal mode I thought is was cool, fun and awesome; but too easy. So I took that in count. But the fight wasn't any harder on Hard. I did beat the boss on the first try without loosing any signigicant amount of health.

    How about your MadWorld difficuly experience? Was or is Hard really THAT hard?

    Note: I LOVE challange in games. I want to die endless amount of times before beating a level/boss etc. F-Zero GX is a game I love cause of the challenge it brought be to beat it on "Masterful". But there is a magical line between hard and frustrating tho (Contra is a frustrating example of a game thats on the frustrating side of the line) [​IMG]
  2. Smartpal

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    I just started playing Madworld, and I lost my progress due to not knowing when the game saves. >_>
  3. taggart6

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    I find the UFO stage where you encounter the killer robots fairly difficult. Msotly beacuse the robots block non stop and can not be grabbed.