M3i Zero + Slot-2 Cards

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    Mar 12, 2010
    Hello everyone, I had been using a R4 (Slot-1) and a Supercard Lite (Slot-2). Recently R4 has been trashed so i went out and bought a new slot-1 card M3i Zero, however I failed to notice that it is only compatible with M3 slot-2 cards.

    - has anyone found a way to get the M3i Zero to recognize a Supercard Lite Slot-2 card?

    - Is there a way to use the M3 Lite firmware on the Supercard Lite so that the slot-2 is detected?

    - Would a future M3i Zero core update support more slot-2 cards?

    I researched and googled the hell out of this problem and cannot find anything what so ever other than buy a GBA Expansion Pack. I would rather not have to replace my slot-2 card for no reason other than compatibility, has anyone found a way around this?

    (PS - I have emailed M3 about this and they just give a stupid generic response of: "Only M3 cards are compatible, sorry for any inconvenience")
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    The answers to those three are as follows:



    No. core updates are for tricking the DSi, Not detecting slot2 carts.