LSI Mega Raid performance problems

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    I have 2 WD 4TB HDDs configured as a LSI Mega Raid RAID-0.
    But all programs have low performance when reading/writing from/to the raid. DXTory 12MB/s, Blackmagic Design Disk Speed test shows 110MB/s write speed, 240MB/s read speed (the read speed seems to be kinda normal).
    the only program having no performance issue is the windows explorer. I moved a 3,4GB large video file from the C:\ ssd to the raid and it was transferred I less than 15 or 14 seconds.

    I installed the latest drivers for my board and LSI drivers. No changes.
    The stripe size has 64kByte.
    All HDDs are plugged in in SATA-III plugs

    I am using an ASUS z9pe-d8 ws mother board. here's the datasheet as a .pdf if you would like to have more information:

    And I'm using 2 these HDDs (4tb):

    (I know it'll be better to use the black edition instead. but I didn't want to pay almost 230€ for a hdd. I'd be fine with a 8tb raid-0 that reaches a write speed of 200MB/s minimum)
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    Have you tried writing multiple large files at once? Single large file doesn't tell much, since writing is cached beforehand.