Lovecraftian mythos.

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  1. Yil

    Yil GBAtemp Addict

    Feb 19, 2014
    After some lore digging I find my believe ultimately tied to Lovecraft.
    The core concept is that what we see as godlike and almighty is merely a superior being, and the vastness of everything reflects our insignificance.
    On its hierarchy our deities are lower beings whose power and existence are tied to mortal worship (there is a mutual effect and beings imagined by imaginary beings can still exist), while still comparable to the likes of the great old ones like Cultulu (the most well known being in lore is just some weak monster who was hurt by getting rammed into by a ship) and lesser entities. This includes many pantheons of Paganism (like Zeus, Odin, up to the likes of Gaea, and Christian/ Judaism/ Muslim god and other Monotheism god is arguable but still bounded within this range) excluding some really prominent primordial beings (like Chaos). In short, anything we can remotely comprehend and draw a metaphor to are at best deities and in the grand scale pathetically insignificant. But these are nothing when climbing the hierarchy further, but then we are too insignificant to even be noticed. And for the sake of sanity best to avoid thinking about our insignificance.
    Then there is the argument than if our world is even composed of vector field or really just plain information (but a computer is just a metaphor as it would not require a frame to exist, but that's just my argument).
    And before anyone says I am talking drugs I would argue that drugs are supposed to give you a sense of security.
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    Astounding! You have managed to expend effort creating a non-random string of characters which usually convey meaning, yet your overall comment was ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS! It is as though all of the industries of mankind were operated in reverse, with great will and endeavor being used to convert items of usefulness into worthless bare materials! you are the antithesis of all that is grand and great about mankinds capacity for thought and self-determination. You sir, are the mirror image of a meaningful entity, lower than base matter, lower than oblivion, because unlike the brutish deterministic plasma of the unreasoning cosmos, you CHOSE to be without value or worth.
  3. Yil

    Yil GBAtemp Addict

    Feb 19, 2014
    I have to say that knowing there is no such thing as ultimate goal and my existence on grander scale is without purpose gives me hope.
  4. John_Kirky

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    Jan 12, 2017
    Gambia, The
    Reminds me of the "Total Perspective Vortex" from Hitchhikers Guide :-)

    It does not give me hope hope ('cause there is none), but the meaningless of human existence frees one from moral bounds and helps one to not give a fuck.



    P.S.: This thread is gonna get real ugly, real fast :-)
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