losing emunand data when installing arm9loaderhax?

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    So ever since arm9loaderhax has been released, I've been nervous to install it since the installation process requires a downgrade to 2.1. If I were to install it, would I lose my emunand, thus requiring me to reinstall all the data I have on it? Or could I just use another microSD card to install it and then switch back to the one with my emunand on it (after switching the CFW to one more fitting of the new hax)
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    Please reference @Plailect OTP guide https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki It is a step by step process to backup sysNAND, emuNAND, and mSD/SD contents all before you try to downgrade to 2.1 to get otp.bin. You can restore your sysNAND and emuNAND backups before compiling and installing A9LH and copy your mSD/SD backup from your PC back to the mSD/SD and not lose anything. I will inform you that patience and attention to detail are the keys to retrieving otp.bin and restoring to 9.2 for A9LH install.
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    You wont lose anything if you follow the guide. You restore your original emunand with all your goodies at some point in the guide. Follow all directions and you'll be fine with no data loss.
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