Looking to get a flash card for the DSi

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    Hi, newbie here. I did read the sticky post, but didn't see my question answered. I just bought a DSi and am thinking about getting a flash cart for the DSi. I know there are a handful of flashcarts that are compatible with the 1.4 firmware update (ex. Acekard2i, superdsonei). I am only planning on using the flash cart for emulated games, not DS games. Also, I don't have a DS phat or lite and thus won't be able to update the carts firmware should nintendo come up with a new DSi firmware that blocks the current carts. Based on this, which cart would you recommend? I remember reading that one of the carts (DSonei i think) has a standalone firmware writer so in case of future updates I don't need it to be in the DS to be updated. Thanks in advance, [​IMG]
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    M3i0, Supercard DS One i, or maybe an iEDGE (well that is if I'm understanding the iEDGE's upgrade process correctly) They all don't require you booting up the cart to flash.
    You could wait for the Supercard DS Two which has the ability to emulate gba and snes games with that extra ram it has. [​IMG]
    Alternatively if you don't want to play ds roms you could get an iPlayer which only can run homebrew, has an extra cpu and ram that allows it to play avi and other formats of videos, and has extra ram to emulate gba games as well. This cart as well does not require to boot it up to flash since it can use that extra cpu it has to flash itself. (something like that)