1. IlDucci

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    Mar 8, 2010
    Hey there, I'm doing a couple of romhacked translations for PS2 games and I'd need help finding some data that's been eluding me for quite a bit.

    I'm actually translating Operation Winback and SSX 1, and in both cases, the stuff I'm left to do is non-standard text editing, per se.

    I'll explain. In Operation Winback I need to find some values related to the graphic sizes in the pause menu and in the Versus mode, as the french/german versions change the texture sizes with no problem at all. I changed the sizes in the corresponding containers, but it seems there's a second copy of the size data (Or maybe the SLES has the positioning in a different format. My money's on the SLES having that information).

    In the second case, with SSX, it's sillier than that: All I need to update is the UV coordinates for some GUI elements that are textures. Again, a case of French/German having the data changed, but me not having a clue of how I can find those.

    I hope someone can help me with that. It's stressing that I have all the texts and graphics already translated and working and all that's left is those tiny details.
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