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    I registered just for some advise as this forum seems to be a the best place to ask [​IMG]

    A while back I got a R4i Gold which worked great up until about a few month ago. Lately it's been freezing a lot during games, when I open the DS lid or just during the Nintendo DS splash screen. Then about a month ago I found out that mine is most likely a fake after looking at some comparison pictures, my doesn't even LOOK like an R4 (sorry about quality, they're taken with my ipod):


    At the time when I bought it I new absolutely NOTHING about Flashcarts so my purchase wasn't exactly educated, good thing it was only $7 lol

    So my reason for coming here today is as the title states. I'm looking for the best REAL flashcart I can get. I know that might be hard since each card has own cons and pros but mainly what I'm looking for is reliable and game compatibility, if compatibility even makes a difference depending on the card.
    I was just going to be this one here:

    But I figured if I'm gonna spend the money then I want to spend it well.

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    alanjohn check ur pm
    The most reliable flashcart is the DSTWO, but it's price is high (min. €34.99).
    Second to that is the AceKard 2i, but it needs updating to run new games. It's about €14.99
    If you don't have a DSi or use an SDHC microSD then you should get the R4 Revolution or other WOOD compatible copies. WOOD (on 1:1 R4's) is the same menu as the AceKard 2i (akAIO) but without DSi or SDHC support. €3.99

    If you want more options you can view the thread that Vulpes Abnocto linked to.
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    Well after looking through the guide I think I'm gonna go with the DSTwo. Price isn't necessarily an issue and it appears to be better than the rest lol

    Thanks for the help guys!