Looking for a hand pump for dust removal.

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    I was pulling apart a laptop the other month and the guy on the youtube video for the disassembly had a little single hand pump that looked like it put out some decent pressure. Sadly I did not think to save the video and I can not remember the model number of the laptop offhand so I can not search for it again but the action was similar to one of those hand strengthening devices though it looked like a right angled triangle with a crescent out of it (think mini bellows).

    I figured one would be nice as I am not always by an air line and canned air is not the cheapest/most reliable (many is the time I have been at a clients and both my cans run out as I am cleaning computers). I tried looking for one at the time but got nowhere- all I got was the medical style plastic ball with a nozzle ones (and their slightly larger equivalents) and they are useless for my purposes.
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